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Airfryer IntroductionWe all want to eat healthier but don’t want to give up the flavor, texture and taste of our favorite foods.That’s why Philips has createdthe Airfryer! With its unique Rapid Air Technology, the Airfryer grills, bakes, roasts and fries with little to no oil, making it the perfectsolution for fast and healthy meals and snacks.This recipe book features just some of the food that you will be able to cook in your Philips Airfryer. From French fries to chickenwings to muffins, the Airfryer’s ability to fry, roast, bake or grill is almost unbelievable: that is until you’ve tried it.We hope that you will enjoy using the Airfryer as many others have around the world and the recipes inside inspire you to cookhealthy, well-balanced meals for you and your Tips for Using the Philips Airfryer1. When making smaller items such as fries, wings and croquettes, shake the basket once or twice during cooking. This ensuresthe food is cooked evenly.2. Don’t overcrowd the cooking basket. This impacts how well the air circulates around the food, increases cooking time andcauses sub-optimal results.3. Oil sprays and misters are excellent choices to evenly apply oil to food prior to cooking. They can also be used to spray thebottom of the mesh cooking basket to ensure food does not stick.4. Preheat the Airfryer for 3 minutes. This is sufficient time for the Airfryer to reach the desired temperature.5. To loosen any food particles that remain on the cooking basket after use, soak the cooking basket in soapy water prior toscrubbing or placing in the dishwasher.6. When cooking foods that are naturally high in fat, such as chicken wings, occasionally empty fat from the bottom of theAirfryer during cooking to avoid excess smoke.7. When cooking foods that have been marinated or soaked inliquid, pat food dry before cooking to avoid splattering andexcess smoke.8. For foods that require breading, coat in small batches toensure even application. Press breading onto food to ensureit adheres. If breading is too dry, pieces may become airbornecausing excess smoke or becoming trapped behind exhaustfilter.9. A variety of pre-made packaged foods can be cooked in theAirfryer. As a guide, lower the conventional oven temperatureby 70 degrees and reduce the cooking time by half. Exacttimes and temperatures will vary by food.10. W hen using parchment paper or foil, trim to leave a ½ inchspace around bottom edge of the basket.11. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Guide to times and temperaturesContentsExtrainformationSide DishesAppetizers Soak 30 min./dry/Tbsp oil1/4 tbsp-11oz 3/4 tbsp-32oz1/2 tbsp-21oz 1 tbsp-43oz360 Soak 30 min./dry/Tbsp oil1/4 tbsp-11oz 1/2 tbsp-21oz3/4 tbsp-32oz12-18360 Soak 30 min./dry/Tbsp oil1/4 tbsp-11oz 1/2 tbsp-21oz3/4 tbsp-32oz4-16oz8-10360 Use oven ready14oz6330/390 Use oven readyFish sticks4oz/12oz8/10390Steak4oz/21oz5min 360 4min 1506min 360 4min 150360Pork chops4oz/14oz6/7360Hamburger4oz/14oz6/7360Chicken wings3oz/21oz18-22360Drumsticks3oz/21oz10min 390 10min 320390Chicken breast4-oz/28oz8min 290 6min 3608min 290 8min 36036024oz30320Min-maxamount (oz.)Time (min.)Temp. FShakehalfwayThin frozen fries11-43oz9-19360 Thick frozen fries11-43oz12-22360 Homemade fries11oz 32oz21oz 43oz15 2218 25360Potato wedges11oz 21oz32oz18-2124Potato cubes11oz 21oz32ozCheese sticksChicken nuggetsCakeUse oven readyCrispy Potato Skin Wedges.6French Fries.7Potato Croquettes.8Potatoes au Gratin.9Rosemary Russet Potato Chips.10Roasted Winter Vegetables.11Fried Meatballs in Tomato Sauce.12Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. 13Cheddar Bacon Croquettes.14Crispy Fried Spring Rolls.15Crab Croquettes.16Feta Triangles.17Korean BBQ Satay.18Jerk Chicken Wings.19Moroccan Meatballs with Mint Yogurt.20Pigs in a Blanket.21Stuffed Garlic Mushrooms.22EntreesChimichurri Skirt Steak. 23Roasted Heirloom Tomato with Baked Feta. 24Portabella Pepperoni Pizza. 25Mushroom, Onion and Feta Frittata. 26Roasted Rack of Lamb with Macadamia Crust. 27Salmon with Dill Sauce. 28Teriyaki Glazed Halibut Steak. 29Cajun Shrimp.30Kids MealsCod Fish Nuggets. 31Country Chicken Tenders. 32Grilled Cheese. 33Mini Cheeseburger Sliders. 34DessertsPeanut Butter Marshmallow Fluff Turnovers.35Chocolate Cake.36Apricot Blackberry Crumble. 37Vanilla Soufflé.38Frequently Asked Questions.39

French FriesACTIVE: 40 MIN TOTAL: 1 HR 25 MIN SERVES: 6ACTIVE: 10 MIN TOTAL: 1 HR SERVES: 46 medium russet potatoes2 tablespoons canola oil1½ teaspoon paprika½ teaspoon black pepper½ teaspoon salt6 medium russet potatoes, peeled2 tablespoon olive oil1. Scrub the potatoes under running water toclean. Boil potatoes in salted water for 40minutes or until fork tender. Cool completely(approximately 30 minutes) in the refrigerator.2. In a mixing bowl combine canola oil, paprika,salt and black pepper. Cut cooled potatoesinto quarters and lightly toss in the mixture ofoil and spices. Preheat the AirFryer to 390 F.Add the potato wedges to the cooking basketand place skin side down, being careful notto overcrowd. Cook the wedges for 14-16minutes or until golden brown.66Side DishesSide DishesCrispy Potato Skin Wedges1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into 1/4 inch by3 inch strips. Soak the potatoes in water for atleast 30 minutes, then drain thoroughly and patdry with a paper towel.2. Preheat the Airfryer to 360 F. Place thepotatoes in a large bowl and mix in oil, coatingthe potatoes lightly. Add the potatoes to thecooking basket and cook for 30 minutes or untilgolden brown and crisp. Shake 2-3 times duringcooking.Note: Thicker cut potatoes will take longer to cook,while thinner cut potatoes will cook faster.7

Potatoes au GratinACTIVE: 30 MIN TOTAL: 45 MIN SERVES: 4ACTIVE: 10 MIN TOTAL: 45 MIN SERVES: 6FOR THE FILLING7 medium russet potatoes, peeled½ cup milk½ cup cream1 teaspoon black pepper½ teaspoon nutmeg½ cup Gruyère or semi-mature cheese, grated4 medium russet potatoes, peeled and cubed2 egg yolks1 cup parmesan cheese, grated2 tablespoons all-purpose flour3 tablespoons chives, finely chopped1 pinch salt1 pinch black pepper1 pinch nutmegFOR THE BREADING3 tablespoons vegetable oil¾ cup all-purpose flour2 eggs, beaten¾ cup breadcrumbs1. Boil the potato cubes in salted water for 15minutes. Drain and mash finely in a large bowlusing a potato masher or ricer. Cool completely.Mix in the egg yolk, cheese, flour and chives.Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Shape thepotato filling into the size of golf balls and setaside.2. Preheat the Airfryer to 390 F. Mix the oiland breadcrumbs and stir until the mixturebecomes loose and crumbly. Place eachpotato ball into the flour, then the eggs andthen the breadcrumbs and roll into a cylindershape. Press coating to croquettes to ensure itadheres. Place the croquettes into the cookingbasket, cooking for 7-8 minutes or until goldenbrown.8Side DishesSide DishesPotato Croquettes1. Preheat the Airfryer to 390 F. Slice the potatoeswafer-thin. In a bowl, mix the milk and cr