UNIVERSITY OF DENVERCRIMINAL LAW REVIEWVOLUME 3 SPRING 2013The Gordian Knot of the Treatmentof Secondhand Facts Under FederalRule of Evidence 703 Governing theAdmissibility of Expert Opinions:Another Conflict Between Logic andLawEdward J. Imwinkelried 1Admissibility Compared: TheReception of Incriminating ExpertEvidence (i.e., Forensic Science) inFour Adversarial JurisdictionsGary Edmond, Simon Cole,Emma Cunliffe, and AndrewRoberts . 31Colorado’s Undemanding NoticeRequirement: Pro Se Defendantsand Forensic Technician TestimonySarah M. Morris andLauren L. Fontana 111The Cost of Colorado’s DeathPenaltyJustin F. Marceau andHollis A. Whitson 145The Death Penalty SpectacleTung Yin 165“They’re Planting Stories in thePress”: The Impact of MediaDistortions on Sex Offender Lawand PolicyHeather Ellis Cucolo andMichael L. Perlin 185

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THE GORDIAN KNOT OF THE TREATMENT OF SECONDHANDFACTS UNDER FEDERAL RULE OF EVIDENCE 703 GOVERNINGTHE ADMISSIBILITY OF EXPERT OPINIONS: ANOTHERCONFLICT BETWEEN LOGIC AND LAWEdward J. Imwinkelried*“The life of the law has not been logic . . . .”–Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., The Common Law 1 (1881)Some commentators have suggested that the American judicial hearing isbecoming trial by expert.1 In the early 1990s, the Rand Corporation released a study of theuse of experts in trials in California courts of general jurisdiction.2 Expert witnessesappeared in 86% of the trials studied, and on average there were 3.3 experts per trial.3 It isundeniable that in the United States the role of expert witnesses is growing.Although commentators sometimes refer to the role of the expert at trial, in truthwitnesses who qualify as experts can play at least four different roles. Suppose, forexample, that an eminent toxicologist is driving to work and observes a traffic accident.Like any witness who has personal knowledge of a fact, the toxicologist could testify atthe trial against the driver that she observed the defendant’s car run a red light.4 Next, ifthe toxicologist had attempted to help the drivers and smelt a strong odor of alcohol on thedefendant’s breath, the toxicologist would be competent to give the lay opinion that thedefendant was intoxicated.5 Thirdly, suppose that the defendant were prosecuted for drunkdriving, and the arresting officer testified that on an intoxilyzer test the defendantregistered 0.13, exceeding the statutory limit of 0.08.6 At the same trial, the prosecutorcould call the toxicologist to provide expert testimony about the general reliability of*Edward L. Barrett, Jr. Professor of Law, University of California, Davis; former chair, Evidence Section,American Association of Law Schools; coauthor, PAUL C. GIANNELLI, EDWARD J. IMWINKELRIED, ANDREAROTH & JANE CAMPBELL MORIARTY, SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE (5th ed. 2012).1William T. Pizzi, Expert Testimony in the U.S., 145 NEW L.J. 82 (1995).2Samuel R. Gross, Expert Evidence, 1991 WIS. L. REV. 1113, 1120 n. 19 (1991).3Id. at 1119.4FED. R. EVID. 602.5Id. at FED. R. EVID. 701; 1 MCCORMICK, EVIDENCE § 11, at 55 n.23 (6th ed. 2006).62 PAUL C. GIANNELLI, EDWARD J. IMWINKELRIED, ANDREA ROTH & JANE CAMPBELL MORIARTY, SCIENTIFICEVIDENCE § 22.01 at 474, 476 (5th ed. 2012).

2UNIVERSITY OF DENVER CRIMINAL LAW REVIEW[Vol. 3intoxilyzers as a method of determining blood alcohol concentrations.7Although an expert witness can play any of the above roles, in most instances theattorney calling the witness wants him or her to perfor