EPISODE SIX: HOLY ANOINTING OILCrafting Holy Anointing OilIn Tinkering Bell #6, we consider the crafting of holy anointing oil, inspired by the recipe thatGod dictated to Moses as found in the Book of Exodus. A variation of the holy anointing oil isalso found in the Book of Abramelin the Mage, a medieval grimoire, and that version of the oilhas come to be known as the Oil of Abramelin. Aleister Crowley, in his Book of the Law, alsooutlined a version of the Oil of Abramelin, which he refers to as the Holy Oil.pure myrrhnatural myrrh resinsweet cinnamonCeylon cinnamon barksweet calamus“sweet cane,” which is:fresh sweet flag, orfresh lemongrass, orfresh cannabis, orfresh galangal rootcassiaCassia cinnamon barkoil oliveolive oil22Moreover the LORD spake unto Moses,saying, 23 Take thou also unto thee principalspices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels,and of sweet cinnamon half so much, eventwo hundred and fifty shekels, and of sweetcalamus two hundred and fifty shekels,24And of cassia five hundred shekels, afterthe shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive anhin: 25 And thou shalt make it an oil of holyointment, an ointment compound after the artof the apothecary: it shall be an holyanointing oil.Exodus 30:22-25King James Version (KJV)Note: Proportions prescribed in the Book of Exodus are 27% myrrh (6 kg); 14% Ceylon cinnamon (3 kg);14% sweet calamus (3 kg); 27% cassia (6 kg); and 18% olive oil (4 liters/4 kg). Given pharmaceutical andmedical considerations of these proportions of spices, the “art of the apothecary” is more likely to indicatean infusion or hot enfleurage process than use of essential oils.Benebell Wen

Holy Anointing Oil Recipe InstructionsPage 2Other Variations of the Holy Anointing OilTHE OIL OF ABRAMELINIn The Book of AbramelinYou shall prepare the Sacred Oil in thismanner: Take of myrrh 2 in tears, one part;fine cinnamonCeylon cinnamonof fine cinnamon, two parts; of galangal 3half a part; and the half of the total weight ofgalangalfresh galangal rootthese drugs of the best oil olive. The which(Thai ginger)aromatics you shall mix together accordingoil oliveolive oilunto the Art of the Apothecary, and shall makethereof a Balsam, the which you shall keep in aNote: Proportions prescribed in the Book of glass vial which you shall put within theAbramelin are 38% myrrh; 29% cinnamon; 7% cupboard (formed by the interior) of the Altar.myrrh in tearsnatural myrrh resingalangal; and 50% olive oil.Second Book, Chapter ElevenThe Book of AbramelinNote: In accordance with medieval principles in“the Art of the Apothecary,” the process to be usedis most likely hot enfleurage, rather than the use ofessential oils.Trans., MacGregor MathersA SHORT-FORM ESSENTIAL OIL VARIATIONIn The Book of the Lawoil of cinnamoncinnamon essential oil(Ceylon or Cassiacinnamon not specified)oil of myrrhmyrrh essential oiloil of galangalgalangal essential oiloil oliveolive oilNote: Proportions prescribed in the Book of theLaw are 38% cinnamon; 19% myrrh; 9% galangal;and 33% olive oil. Crowley’s recipe may causeskin inflammation. It would also be a health risk toingest this oil.Oil of Abramelin: take eight parts of oil ofcinnamon, four of oil of myrrh, two of oil ofgalangal, seven of olive oil {WEH NOTE:This is not the recipe given in Abramelin,though it seems at first correct. That recipetook the proportions from the dry ingredients.If the essential oils are used instead at the sameproportion, the mixture will be much toostrong. In fact, the oil of cinnamon may injurethe eyes or raise blisters if used at thisstrength!}.Liber AL vel Legis, III:23Liber Legis – The Book of the Law(The Magical and Philosophical Commentaries)Aleister CrowleyBenebell Wen

Holy Anointing Oil Recipe InstructionsPage 3INFUSED OIL THROUGH HOT ENFLEURAGEGiven the proportions of spices used for the Holy Anointing Oil, if observing the “art of theapothecary,” then the best pharmaceutical method would be by oil infusion, specifically throughhot enfleurage, or a heat maceration technique. The spices are heated in a fat (here, it’s olive oil),stirred during the heating process, let to sit, strained, and then the process repeated multiple timesuntil the fat (the olive oil) is saturated with the fragrant spices.StepInstructionsNotes1From a full moon through the waningphase down to the eve before the newmoon, practice benevolence to cleansethe practitioner’s body, mind, and spirit.My approach is to eliminate meat from mydiet, maintain a tranquil temper, refrain fromnegative speech, conduct, or thought. Here I’dobserve the practices of benevolence magic.2Light frankincense incense to consecrate This is an optional step that I recommend, butthe space.nowhere is this step written as required. Also, Icommence the oil preparations on the evebefore the new moon.]3Mise en place: prepare in separate If you want to follow the proportions from thecontainers the following ingredients:Book of Exodus, use the following: 1 part myrrh resin 2 parts myrrh 1 part Ceylon cinnamon bark 1 part sweet cinnamon 1 part fresh lemongrass 1 part sweet calamus 1 part cassia cinnamon bark 2 parts cassia 4 parts olive oil 4 parts olive oilIn addition, my preparation of the holyanointing oil included the following: 1 part frankincense resin 1 part dried angelica root 1 part dried star anise pods 3 more parts olive oilIn observance of Exodus 30:29-33, Iintentionally opted not to follow theproportions as God had instructed Moses andcrafted a derivative of the recipe, one guidedby my own Higher Angels.Reference:29 Andthou shalt sanctify them, that they may be most holy:whatsoever toucheth them shall be holy. 30 And thou shaltanoint Aaron and his sons, and consecrate them, that they mayminister unto me in the priest's office. 31 And thou shalt speakunto the children of Israel, saying, This shall be an holyanointing oil unto me throughout your generations. 32 Uponman's flesh shall it not be poured, neither shall ye makeany other like it, after the composition of it: it is holy, andit shall be holy unto you. 33 Whosoever compoundeth anylike it, or whosoever putteth any of it upon a stranger, shalleven be cut off from his people.Exodus 30:29-33King James Version (KJV)Benebell Wen

Holy Anointing Oil Recipe InstructionsPage 44On the eve before the new moon,combine the ingredients into a glass jar.Place the filled jar on an altar and inprayer position before the altar, reciteblessings from sacred texts.I used recitations of the Great CompassionSutra in combination with reading from theBook of Exodus. As a measure of anchoringthe oil in sacred space, I’ll place it on a matempowered with sigil magic.5On the new moon, pour the contentsfrom the glass jar into a stainless steel orcopper cooking pot. Place on low heatuntil there is gentle bubbling of the oil.Take great care not to scorch the herbs.Proceed with a slow and steady heatinfusion for 30 minutes.On the new moon day, I’ll fast from sunrise tosunset. Also, during the heat infusion, I’llperform recitations from sacred texts andintend the infusion of those holy blessings intothe oil.6Once the oil is back to room I’ll protect the area with a circle of consecratedtemperature, pour it back into the glass salt, which consists of the following:jar, seal the jar, and set aside in sacred Epsom saltspace. camphor essential oil cedar wood essential oil frankincense essential oil rosemary essential oil7Three (3) days later, line a strainer withcheese cloth and strain the oil of itscontents. You’ll need all the ingredientsagain, a new batch, place it into acooking pot, add the strained oil, andput back on the stovetop on low heat fora second time of infusion. Pour the oiland spice contents back into the jar.Then set aside in sacred space.8Three (3) days later, repeat Step 7 and If you don’t layer the infusion of resin scents,again, set back into sacred space.then it won’t come out as strongly. Skippingthe layering of infusions will result in a lessThere is a practical reason for the prominent scent of myrrh (and also of themultiple steps here. If you’re using fresh frankincense, if you’re using frankincenselemongrass, you don’t want the resin as I have).lemongrass to go rancid, so you do wantto replace it. Also, just like gum, theresins lose their properties ratherquickly, so by adding more resins witheach step, you’re deepening andintensifying the potency of the oil.For the duration that the oil is macerating onmy altar, I will maintain a tranquil andtemperament, refrain from negative speech,conduct, or thought, and accrue good karmathrough positive deeds, sending the karmaaccrued from those positive deeds into themerit of the anointing oil.Benebell Wen

Holy Anointing Oil Recipe InstructionsPage 59Three (3) days before the full moon, Note that the numerology of 3, 5, and 15 arerepeat Step 7. Note that this will be used here to call upon the Holy Trinity, theapproximately five (5) days after Step 8. Five Elements, and the magic number 15 perthe Lo Shu magic square.10On the full moon day, strain the oil of Oil infusion through a heat macerationits contents. It will have been technique will be completed after about twomacerating for about two weeks.weeks of processing. Thus, observing themaceration from new moon to full moon is forboth practical and metaphysical efficacy.11For the final stretch of the infusionprocess, use dried spices only: 1 part myrrh resin, crushed 1 part Ceylon cinnamon bark 1 part sun-dried lemongrass ordried, crushed sweet flag 1 part cassia cinnamon bark 4 parts olive oilAn additional two-week infusion periodintensifies the scents in the oil. If you leave itat the first two-week mark, the olive oil stilloverpowers the scent of the spices.A second two-week infusion periodstrengthens the scent of the myrrh andcinnamons, bringing them up to the top notesof the perfumed oil while the olive finallyHeat and stir constantly for about one recedes into the background as a complement.hour. Remove off heat and when cooled,place on an altar. From the full moonthrough the waning phase, until the nextnew moon, keep the jar of oil on thealtar, infused with the dried herbs foranother 15 days.12When it’s the new moon, use a strainer Light the four pillar candles and recite theand cheesecloth to strain the oil of its following in prayer:spices so that only the oil is left. Store inHeavenly Father, the One Divinity, the Holydark glass bottles.On the new moon, I’ll close the processwith a ritual. I place the bottles of theanointing oil in a circle, then line it witha circle of protection salt. From thecircle, extend four lines of salt, forminga cross. At the ends of each cross, placea white pillar candle. These four pillarcandles represent the four archangels,four directions, four seasons. The prayerrecitation I use is provided in thecolumn to the right. Afterward, snuffout the candles and keep the anointingoil on the altar overnight.Spirit of Many Names: See me, humble andreverent before your throne. Grant yourblessings, your glory and honor, your Lightand protection. May this oil crafted underyour Divine Guidance sanctify and makeholy all that it anoints. May all that comeupon it receive your highest blessings, and allwho receive this oil shall be because it wasyour Will. In witness whereof, by your Handand Mine in Union, shall the sanctity of thisHoly Oil be ratified.Benebell Wen

Holy Anointing Oil Recipe InstructionsPage 6SHORT FORM ESSENTIAL OIL TECHNIQUEIn Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law, the method he prescribes for crafting the Oil ofAbramelin, or Holy Anointing Oil, is considered a short form technique, because it’s instant.Combine pre-made essential oils and then proceed with the rituals for charging the oil. Here, I’mdeviating from Crowley’s prescribed list of spices and staying with the same spices instructed inthe Tinkering Bell video. (Crowley’s version does not distinguish between Ceylon and Cassiacinnamon, and replaces lemongrass with galangal.)StepInstructions1 From a full moon through the waningphase down to the eve before the newmoon, practice benevolence to cleanse thepractitioner’s body, mind, and spirit.NotesMy approach is to eliminate meat from mydiet, maintain a tranquil temper, refrain fromnegative speech, conduct, or thought. HereI’d observe the practices of benevolencemagic.2 Light frankincense incense to consecrate This is an optional step that I recommend,the space.but nowhere is this step written as required.Also, I commence the oil preparations on theeve before the new moon.]3 Prepare into a dark glass container thefollowing: 1 part myrrh essential oil 1 part Ceylon cinnamon essential oil 1 part lemongrass essential oil * 1 part cassia cinnamon essential oil 4 parts olive oilIf you want the myrrh, cinnamons, andlemongrass scents to be the top notes of theanointing oil, then you’ll need a differentcarrier oil from olive oil. A good substitutewould be almond oil. It is more subtle infragrance and won’t overpower the essentialoils.* Instead of lemongrass essential oil, youcan use as a substitute calamus essentialoil (also known as sweet flag essentialoil); cannabis oil can also be used, asstrong scholarly cases are made that“kaneh bosem” is translated as cannabis.The Oil of Abramelin and Crowley’sversion both call for galangal.Optional. I like to add an additional 1 part offrankincense essential oil and 1 part angelicaroot essential oil.Note: Galangal essential oil tends to beexpensive and hard to find good quality of.Fir, pine, or cedar wood essential oil aregreat substitutes—similar in scents, Biblicaland occult symbolic significance, and blendswell with myrrh and cinnamon.4 Place the prepared bottle of anointing oil My personal prayer recitation is as follows:on a consecrated table top. Create a ringHeavenly Father, the One Divinity, theof consecrated salt around the bottle,B