National Children’s Mental HealthAwareness WeekActivity WorkbookJust for Kids2017

What isNational Children’sMental Health Awareness Week?National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week is May1-7, 2017. It is an entire week dedicated to teachingpeople about children’s mental health, advocating toimprove services and celebrating all the work that hasbeen done in the past! We celebrate the hope andstrength of children, youth and families.We wear green ribbons to help raise public awareness andshow our support to children, youth and families. Find outhow National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week isbeing celebrated in your community and get involved!

Find your way to the green ribbon toshow your support!START

What is your favorite part aboutNational Children’s Mental HealthAwareness Week?Write it or draw a picture below.

National Children’s Mental HealthAwareness Week is designed to celebrateYOU and your mental health!What are some things that are special about YOU?My name is.I havehair.I haveeyes.I amI am in theDraw a picture of yourselfyears old.grade.I am really good at.

Make a Face!Draw a face for each of the feelings below.


National Children’s Mental HealthAwareness RibbonColor the ribbon GREEN to show support forChildren’s Mental Health!

The official color to raise awareness forChildren’s Mental Health is GREEN!Help us find out which green animal wants to helpus raise awareness about Children’s Mental Health.Connect the dots!

Family ActivitiesFor MaySundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursda yFrida ySaturday123456Make GreenRibbons toWear andshareDraw aFamilyPictureRead a bookas aFamilyMake andFlyPaperAirplanesFamilyDanceParty!!Let’s take aWalkTogether8Tell eachperson inyour family3 things thatmake themspecial910111213Let’sBlowBubblesGo throughfamily rtyHave aPicnic141516171820Dress upand take aFamilyPictureBuild a FortYou ChoseHowMakePaperFlowersIndoorScavengerHuntHave aStaringContest19Usemagazines tomake aFamilyCollage21222324252627PlayI SPYDrawPortraits ofeach otherPlayCard GamesTell yourfavoritefamily storyFamilyDinner alltogether withno TV orphonesVisit theLibrary28293031Find aFour LeafCloverMovie NightWith popcornLet’s Singour favoritesongPlant aflower7Let’s makeCookiesICECREAMLet’sExercisetogether

National Children’s Mental HealthAwareness WeekGreen Ribbon CampaignWe are seeking change! The goal is simple. Raiseawareness and challenge the stigma surroundingmental health.Take the pledge to spark a national conversationabout MENTAL HEALTH!Show your support and help raise awareness:1. Wear a green ribbon, especially during MentalHealth Awareness month in May.2. Read up on mental health challenges and thestigma associated with them.3. Share the information you’ve learned with familyand friends.4. Get involved in your community. Contact theNational Federation of Families for events in yourarea.5. Have your parents sign up to become a member ofthe National Federation of Families to receiveupdates and information.Need a green ribbon? We can help! Contact theNational Federation of

National Federation of Familiesfor Children’s Mental Health12320 ParklawnRockville, MD 20852240-403-1901www.ffcmh.orgChildren’s Mental Health Matters!