GUÍA DE ESTUDIOINGLÉS IGRAMMAR VERB TO BE COMPETENCIA 21. Write sentences affirmative form of verb to be2. Write questions and short answers.1 My two favourite rock bands / American.1 you / 25? .2 Joanha and Lucy / not / American.2 Richard / a dentist? .3 I / from Australia.3 you and Paul / students? .4 Sydney / not / the capital of Australia.4 I / in Dublin? .5 We / not / singers.5 the dinner room / your favourite place? .GRAMMAR "WH" COMPETENCIA 13. Complete the questions. Use one word only.12345. time is the first lesson? 11 o’clock. is your pen – the red or the black pen? The black pen. old is your sister Annie? She’s 18. is the news on TV? At 7:00 a.m. is your favourite actor? Matt Damon.GRAMMAR DAYS, MONTHS AND COUNTRIES & NATIONALITIES COMPETENCIA 1 Y 24. Write five days and five months.5. Complete the table.DayMonthCountryNationality1 M.6 J.United Kingdom1 .2 W.7 A.2 .Turkish3 Th.8 O.3 .Mexican4 F.9 N.Canada4 .5 Sa.10 D.China5 .6 .Brazilian7 .JapaneseSpain8 .Italy9 .10 .Irish

GUÍA DE ESTUDIOINGLÉS IVOCABULARY PERSONAL INFORMATION COMPETENCIA 26. Write the vocabulary words.1 2 3 4 5 .6 7 8 9 10 .GRAMMAR HAVE/HAS GOT COMPETENCIA 37. Write sentences or questions with Have/Has Got.1 Kate / not / got / any boyfriend.2 Jacob / got / a big father’s family?.3 I / got / eleven uncles.4 you / got / any sisters?.5 John and Sam / not / got / any friends in that school.GRAMMAR POSSESSIVE COMPETENCIA 38. Complete the sentences with possessive ‘s or s’ in a) and with the correctpossessive adjective in b).1 a) Is this . movil phone? (Annie)b) No, it isn’t. . phone’s a Samsung. (she)2 a) Where are . shoes? (the boys)b) . shoes are in the kitchen. (they)3 a) . sister is really pretty. Is she at your college? (Paul)b) Yes, she’s in . class. (I)4 a) Is this your . toy? (dog)b) Yes, that’s . favourite toy! (it)5 a) Who are you and your . favourite soccer’s teams in the world? (friends)

GUÍA DE ESTUDIOINGLÉS IGRAMMAR PLURALS COMPETENCIA 39. Write the plurals.Here are two photos of two 1 . (family). There are eight 2 . (person)in my family; two of them are 3 . (woman), there are three 4 . (child)and two 5 . (baby). Who’s the eighth person? Guess! Yes, it’s my dad!GRAMMAR PHISICAL DESCRIPTION COMPETENCIA 310. Complete the words.Face1 n e2 m h3 e s4 b d5 m e6s eBuild7 t l8 s m9 p p10 s tHair11 c y12 b d13 f r14 s t15 l g16d kGeneral DescriptionHe’s very 17 g d- 18 l g.She’s 19 n e and very 20 f y.GRAMMAR VERBS COMPETENCIA 311. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.12345We . coffee and toast for breakfast. (have)Marilyn . from Canada. (come)My brother . milk. (not like)I . to bed very early at weekends. (not go)Lucy . to the gym on Monday. (go)GRAMMAR SIMPLE PRESENT COMPETENCIA 312. Write present simple questions and short answers.2 Peter / live in Las Vegas? .3 your sister / work in a pet shop? .4 Emma and Paula / go to your college? .5 this shop / sell bird’s food? .6 you and your friends / like rock music? .

GUÍA DE ESTUDIOINGLÉS IVOCABULARY, TIME COMPETENCIA 21 It’s . ten.13. Complete the times.2 It’s . nine.3 It’s . seven.4 It’s . four.5 It’s . three.VOCABULARY FURNITURE COMPETENCIA 414. Write the words.FURNITUREROOM1 .2 .3 .4 .FURNITUREROOM5 6 7 GRAMMAR FRECUENCY ADVERBS COMPETENCIA 315. Read the first sentence. Choose the correct adverb and write the second sentence sothat it has the same meaning as the first one. There is one extra adverb.always usually often sometimes not often never1 Tim is late for class about twice a week.Tim / be late for class.2 Fiona listens to music about six evenings a week.Fiona / listen to music in the evening.3 My parents have breakfast together every morning.My parents / have breakfast together.4 I hate chocolate! I can’t eat it.I / eat chocolate.5 Simon plays football about once a month.Simon / play football.

GUÍA DE ESTUDIOINGLÉS IGRAMMAR PRESENT SIMPLE COMPETENCIA 316. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs. Use the present simpleor present continuous.My sister 1 . (live) in London, but at the moment she 2 . (visit) mefor a week. Right now she 3 . (cook) a meal – spaghetti. She 4 .(not cook) very often – her flatmate usually 5 . (make) dinner. It’s Saturday today.I usually 6 . (clean) the flat on Saturday, but it’s a nice day so I 7 .(hang out) with my mates in the park. Maria and Becky 8 . (play) tennis.Paul and I 9 . (watch) the game and he 10 . (send) a text.GRAMMAR CAN COMPETENCIA 217. Complete the sentences with can or can’t and the words in brackets.1234Claire’s busy so . (she / come) to the cinema. (they / take) photos in the museum?. (you / help) you with your bag?Excuse me. . (I / buy) my ticket on the train?VOCABULARY CLOTHES COMPETENCIA 318. Write the words. Clothes.1 .2 .3 .4 .5 .6 .7 .8 .9 .10 .VOCABULARY CLOTHES COMPETENCIA 319. Complete the text with these words. There is one extra word.decorations drink fancy dress fireworks foodinvitation music party present songs systemHi James,This is an 1 . ! Come to my 2 . next Friday at 7 p.m.We’ve got a lot of 3 . and 4 . , so don’t eat before.We’ve got a DJ – my aunt Tom, with his great new 5 . 6 . .And there’s a 7 . show outside at 8.30. Please don’t give me a 8 . ,but remember to wear 9 . – the theme is ‘the 1960s’! Can you bring the10 . round on Friday? We can put them up together to make the flat look nicefor Saturday.See you,Danny

GUÍA DE ESTUDIOINGLÉS IGRAMMAR JOBS COMPETENCIA 320. Write the jobs.n 2 f3 p4 v 5 fI work with animals.6 bI work on a bus.I work with food and drink. 7 c 8 w9 fI work in a factory.10 hI cut hair.I usually wear a uniform.1GRAMMAR COMPARATIVE COMPETENCIA 321. Complete the sentences with the comparative of the adjectives in brackets.1 Amy is . (old) than Ariana.2 Portugal is . (hot) than the UK.3 London is . (noisy) than New York.4 John’s house is . (far) from college than mine.5 I think Spanish food is . (tasty) than Mexican food.6 You are . (good) at maths than me.7 The first song is bad, but the second song is . (bad)!8 Riding a moped is . (dangerous) than walking.9 Dorys is a . (careful) driver than Tania.10 The green jacket is . (expensive) than the red one.GRAMMAR COMPARATIVE & SUPERLATIVE COMPETENCIA 322. Circle the correct answers.12345Sharon is good / better / the best in her class at Spanish.This test is much easy / easier / easiest than the last one!That’s a great dress! It’s the beautiful / more beautiful / most beautiful dress in the shop.Is your house near / nearer / nearest to the shops than mine?I hate cleaning the kitchen – it’s the bad / worse / worst job of all!WRITINGGRAMMAR PERSONAL INFORMATION COMPETENCIA 123. Answer the questions. Write complete sentences.1 Where are you from?.2 How old are you?.3 How many people are there in your family?.4 What have you got in your bedroom?.5 Who is your favourite singer?.

GUÍA DE ESTUDIOINGLÉS IREADING24. Read the article about three students and circle T (True) or F (False).A WEEKEND IN THE LIFE OF A STUDENTJustinI hate getting up early in the week. So at weekends I like relaxing in bed. Then I have breakfast – muesli, toastand lots of coffee. I’m in a band and we practise every Saturday afternoon. I’m pretty good at the guitar and myfriend Kim can sing very well. We occasionally give a small concert on Saturday evening. On Sunday I oftenmake lunch for my friends – I’m not bad at cooking. I love making new things. In the summer we sometimeshave a barbecue in the garden.GraceI study all week so I love the weekends. I wake up around seven and jump out of bed. I enjoy getting up early!I’m an art student and I love all art – traditional and modern. I go to lots of museums and galleries, usually withmy friend Claire. We sometimes eat out together on Saturday. Our favourite restaurant is Vita. Lots of studentsgo there because it’s quite cheap. After that we usually watch a late fil