Presentation Outline1. Background2. Principles3. Underpinning Assumptions4. Purpose5. Amendments to the Content Overview for the Phase;6. Amendments to the Annual Teaching Plan;7. Amendments School Based Assessment (SBA)8. Conclusion

1. Background COVID 19 led to losses in teaching and learning time dueto:- the lockdown period and phased reopening of schools,- alternating time tabling models and- the related health and safety protocols. Furthermore, the revision of the school calendar andintermittent closure of many schools negatively impacted onthe implementation of the revised 2020 ATPs asenvisioned.

1. Background cont. To mediate the impact and support teachers in managingteaching, assessment and learning within the reducedtime, the DBE in 2020 issued :- Circular S2 of 2020 which released the revised and trimmed ATPsfor implementation in 2020- Circular S3 that outlined the minimum concepts, content andskills that are core per grade and per subject- NA Circular 02, 03 and 07 of 2020 that talk toassessment.

2. Principles Manage the learning losses and the possible loss of teachingtime; Learning losses defined as those Learning Outcomes(content, skills & competencies, values & attitudes) asstated in the Revised ATPs not achieved during the 2020school year. The 2021 ATPs will be based on the revised ATPs developedin 2020 Fundamental and core topics are retained in theRecovery ATPs

2. Principles, cont. Create opportunities through adjusted ATPs to strengthenpre-knowledge, consolidation, revision, and deeperlearning. Entrench assessment for learning as a PedagogicalApproach to address the learning losses The 2021 Recovery ATPs maintains the use of currentLTSM and resources already available in the system. The Recovery ATPs are aligned to the:- 2021 School calendar- Abridged Section 4 of CAPS with some alterations- Curriculum and assessment principles as prescribed inthe CAPS policy for Mathematics

3. AssumptionsAssumption 1All learners will return to school from day 1 of the 2021academic year and norm-times as stipulated in the CAPSwill be adhered to for the entire school year;Assumption 2Learning losses due to COVID-19 across grades andsubjects will vary from school to school, class to class andeven within classes.

3. Assumptions, cont.Assumption 3Each Teacher will have a record of learning losses andDepartmental Heads and Subject Advisors will monitorprogress in learning loss recovery;Assumption 4All schools will develop & implement school-based supportprogrammes for all grades/years with particular focus onall the exit grades/years (3, 6, 9 and 12) throughout thethree-year period.

3. Assumptions, cont.Assumption 5All Circulars related to the 2020 ATPs including SBA to bewithdrawn and revised to align to the 2021 ATPs.Assumption 6Schools have systems in place to manage the possibility ofa second wave of the pandemic in 2021

4. Purpose To mediate the amendments of the trimmed and re-organised2021 Annual Teaching Plans (ATP) including School BasedAssessment for Mathematics, Grade 4 for implementation inJanuary 2021 as stipulated in Circular S11 of 2020. To ensure that meaningful teaching proceeds during 2021school year according to the school calendar. To assist teachers with guided pacing and sequencing ofcurriculum content and assessment.

4. Purpose To enable teachers to cover the essential core content/skills including the fundamentals within the available,amended time. To assist teachers with planning for the different forms ofassessment. To ensure learners are adequately prepared for thesubsequent year/s in terms of content, skills, knowledge,attitudes and values

5. Amendments to the ContentOverview for the Phase

Summary: Amendments to the ContentOverview for the PhaseRemovedGrade 4As in CAPSModifiedGrade 5Grade 6WHOLE NUMBERSContextual Problems to be done AGAIN in Term 4DECIMAL FRACTIONSModified in terms oftime

Summary: Amendments to the ContentOverview for the PhaseGrade 4Grade 5Grade 6RemovedVIEWING OBJECTSAs in CAPSRemovedPOSITION AND MOVEMENTRemovedRemovedRemovedSYMMETRYModified in terms oftimeModified in terms oftimeMASSRemovedRemovedModified in terms oftimeModified in terms oftime

Summary: Amendments to the ContentOverview for the PhaseGrade 4 Grade 5TEMPERATUREGrade 6RemovedRemovedCOLLECT, ORGANISE, REPRESENT, SUMMARISE AND INTERPRETDATAAs in CAPS, howeverRemovedRemovedPROVIDE LEARNERSWITH DATA TO SAVETIME, i.e. learners mustNOT collect dataPROBABILITYRemovedRemovedRemoved

6. Amendments to the Annual TeachingPlan

Summary: Reorganisation of contenttopics Topics that are repetitive have been merged and dealt withonce, but in depth Some topics that will be dealt with in the next grade withlittle or no progression have been left out Some topics have been moved from one term to the nextdue to the following reasons: Lack of time in the term To incorporate other topics dealt with

Summary: Reorganisation of contenttopics Topics that link with each other have been dealt with, oneafter the other Hours in some topics have been increased to allow the topicto be taught in depth Numbers, Operations and Relationships to be dealt withbefore all other topics since they form part of almost everytopic Solving problems in context to be done AGAIN in Term 4using ALL operations with Whole numbers, common fractionsand decimal fractions where applicable.

Grade 5

Numbers, Operations and Relationships

Summary: Content/Topics AmendedContent/Topics1.1Whole numbers:counting, ordering,comparing,representing andplace value1.1Whole numbers:Addition andsubtraction2020Term22AmendmentMerged and doneonceMerged and doneonce2021TermAmendment1Merged and will bedone onceIncreased from 5 12 hrs.1Merged and will bedone onceReduced from 20hrs. to 15 hrs sincecontextual problemswill be done again inTerm 4

Summary: Content/Topics AmendedContent/Topics1.1Whole numbers:Multiplication1.1Whole numbers:Division2020Term23AmendmentMerged and doneonce, in depthMerged and doneonce, in depth2021TermAmendment1Merged and will bedone once in Term 2.Reduced from 17hrs. to 15 hrs sincecontextual problemswill be done again inTerm 41Merged and will bedone once in Term 2.Reduced from 18hrs. to 15 hrs sincecontextual problemswill be done again inTerm 4

Summary: Content/Topics ndment3Moved from Term2 to Term 3 due tolack of time inTerm 22021Term3AmendmentMerged, increasedfrom 15 hrs. to 18hrs. and done inTerm 3.

Patterns Functions and Algebra

Summary: Content/Topics AmendedContent/Topics2.1Numeric TermAmendment3Merged , reducedfrom 11 hours to 6hours and moved toTerm 33Merged , reducedfrom 11 hours to 6hours and moved toTerm 31Taught in Term 12021Term222AmendmentMerged and moved toTerm 2.Merged and done inTerm 2Merged, increasedfrom 6 hrs. to 9 hrs.and done in Term 1

Space and Shape

Summary: Content/Topics AmendedContent/Topics3.1Properties of 2 Dshapes3.2Properties of 3 Dobjects3.3Symmetry2020TermAmendment1Taught in Term 14Merged, reducedfrom 11 hrs. to 6 hrs.and moved fromTerm 2 to 4Removed2021TermAmendment3Merged, reduced from11 hrs. to 9 hrs. andmoved from Term 1 toTerm 33Merged, reduced from11 hrs. to 9 hrs. andmoved from Term 1 toTerm 33Increased from 2 hrs. to3 hrs and moved fromTerm 2 to Term 3 to linkwith 2D shapes

Summary: Content/Topics AmendedContent/Topics3.4Transformations3.5Viewing of objects3.6Position ced from 4 hrs. to3 hrs. and moved fromTerm 4 to Term 3 tolink with symmetry4Merged and movedto Term 44Moved from Term 3to Term 4RemovedRemovedRemoved3


Summary: Content/Topics h3Reduced from 6 5 hrs. and movedfrom Term 2 to Term33Moved from Term 2 toTerm 34.2Mass3Taught in Term 14Removed4Moved from Term 1 toTerm 44.3Capacity/Volume3Taught in Term 1TermAmendment

Summary: Content/Topics dment4.4Time1Taught in Term 14Moved from Term 1 toTerm 44.5Temperature1Taught in Term 14Removed4.2Perimeter, Areaand Volume4Taught as in CAPSIncreased from 7 12 hrs.

Data Handling

Summary: Content/Topics Amended2020Content/Topics5.1 and 5.2Collect, organiserepresent andsummarise data5.3Interpret, Analyseand report data5.4Probability2021TermAmendment4Reduced from 9 6 hrs., movedfrom Term 1 to Term4 and merged with5.34Removed4Reduced from 9 6 hrs., movedfrom Term 1 to Term4 and merged with5.1 and 5.24RemovedRemovedTermAmendmentRemoved

7. Amendments School BasedAssessment (SBA)

Informal Assessments To be incorporated into every lesson May also be written after a completion of allconcepts and skills of a topic Guidance on how to manage these tasks should beprovided

Summary: Revised Programme ofAssessmentTermTerm 120202021Term erm 3AssignmentTerm 4TestProjectTestTest

Summary: Revised Programmeof Assessment As in Abridged CAPS Section 4, however, Examinationsare replaced by Tests Term 2 Test which replaces June Examinations will coverTerm 1 and Term 2 work. Term 4 Test which replaces End of the YearExaminations will cover Term 4 and Fundamentals fromTerm 1 to 3 N.B. More weighting has to be given to Term 2 and Term4 work in Term 2 and Term 4 tests, respectively. SBA weighs 80% and Term 4 Test weighs 20%

8. Conclusion

Conclusion The revised CAPS must be used in conjunction withclarification notes in CAPS. For Term 1 and Term 3 tests, mark allocation per topicwill depend on the time allocation per topic in the‘Revised’ ATPs. For tests that replace examinations, more weighting hasto be given to Term 2 and Term 4 work . Cognitive levels will apply according to Abridged Section4 of CAPSN.B. ‘Trimmed ATPs’ document is an interimarrangement due to COVID 19

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