Horizon Europe ProgrammeStandard Proposal tion forms (Part A)Project proposal – Technical description (Part B)Version 1.018 March 2021DisclaimerThis document is aimed at informing potential applicants for Horizon Europe funding. It serves only as an example.The actual Web forms and templates, provided in the online submission system under the Funding and TendersPortal, might differ from this example.

Structure of the ProposalThe proposal contains tw o parts: Part A of the proposal is generated by the IT system . It is based on the inform ation entered by the participantsthrough the subm ission system in the Funding & Tenders Portal. The participants can update the information in thesubmission system at any time before final submission. Part B of the proposal is the narrative part that includes three sections that each correspond to an evaluation criterion. PartB needs to be uploaded as a PDF document follow ing the templates dow nloaded by the applicants in the submission systemfor the specific call or topic. The templates for a specific call may slightly differ from the example provided in this document.1:2:3:4:5:6:Logging in the PortalSelect the call, topic and type of action in the PortalCreate a draft proposal: Title, acronym, summary, main organisation and contact detailsManage your parties and contact details: add your partner organisations and contact details.Edit and complete w eb forms for proposal part A and upload proposal part BSubmit the proposalplStepStepStepStepStepStepcom-eteThe electronic submission system is an online w izard that guides you step-by-step through the preparation of your proposal.The submission process consists of 6 steps:e,npl am Instructions and footnotes in green w ill not appear in the text generated by the IT system .For options [in square brackets]: the option that applies w ill be autom atically show n in the IT system (Part A) orincluded in the tem plate of Part B offered by the IT system or you m ust select the appropriate value from apredefined list.For fields in [grey in square brackets] (even if they are part of an option as specified in the previo u s it e m ) : e n t e rthe appropriate data in the IT system.Data in coloured fields w ill be prefilled by the IT tool.HISTORY OF CHANGESEx ottoThis call w ill take part of a pilot w ith the aim to test a ‘right-to-react’ (or rebuttal) evaluation process. About 2-2.5 monthsafter the call deadline participants w ill receive via the Funding & Tenders Portal the evaluators’ comments and w ill havethe chance to reply to them w ithin 7 calendar days w ith a strict page limit (maximum tw o A4 pages). The participants’replies cannot be used to alter or add to the content of the proposals, but must strictly focus on providing clarificationsand/or on responding to potential misunderstandings or errors by the evaluators. These replies w ill be made available tothe evaluation committee w ho w ill decide on the final score on the basis of the individual scores and the outcome of itsconsensus discussions, taking into consideration the comments from the right-to-react es Initial version

Application FormsPlease check our wiki for help on navigating the form.Topic:comType of action:plApplication forms (Part A)eteHorizon EuropeType of Model Grant Agreement:toProposal number:12Ex3TitleActionGeneral informationamSectionplTable of contentse,notProposal acronym:ParticipantsBudget4Ethics and security5Other questionsThe forms must be filled in for each proposal using the templates available in the Submission System. Some data fields in the forms arepre-filled based on the previous steps in the Submission wizard.Version of template usedPage 1 of 39Last saved dd/mm/yyyy HH:mmThis proposal version w as submitted by [Name, FAMILY NAME] on [dd/mm/yyyy HH:mm:ss] Brussels Local Time. Issued by theFunding and Tenders Portal Submission Service.

Application FormsProposal ID XXXXXXXXXAcronym XXXXXXX1 – General informationSection 1 provides basic data on the proposal. It can be filled in by contacts of the coordinator. Other participants may view this section only. Read-onlyparts are marked in blue.TopicType of actionCallType of Model Grant Agree me ntAcronym is mandatoryProposal titleMax 200 characters (with spaces). Must b e understandable for non-specialists in your field.eteAcronymEstimated duration of the project in full months.comDuration inmonthsplNote that for technical reasons, the following characters are not accepted in the Proposal Title and will be removed: " &Fixed keywordsNote that for this call, applicants have to select minimu m 3 and maximum 6 fixed keywords.toFree keywords Enter any words you think give extra detail of the scope of your proposal (max 200 characters withspaces).otAbstractExample,nThe abstract should provide the reader with a clear understanding of the objectives of the proposal, how they will be achieved, and their relevance tothe Work Programme. This summary will be used as the short description of the proposal in the evaluation process and in communications to theprogramme management committees and other interested parties. It must therefore be short and precise and should not contain confidentialinformation. Use plain typed text, avoiding formulas and other special characters. If the proposal is written in a language other than English, pleaseinclude an English version of this abstract in the Part B (technical description) of the proposal. .Has this proposal (or a very similar one) been submitted in the past 2 years in response to a callfor proposals under any EU programme, including the current call? A similar' proposal or contract is oneYesthat differs from the current one in minor ways, and in which some of the present consortium members are involved.Please give the proposal reference or contract numberVersion of template usedPage 2 of 39XXXXX-XLast saved dd/mm/yyyy HH:mmThis proposal version w as submitted by [Name, FAMILY NAME] on [dd/mm/yyyy HH:mm:ss] Brussels Local Time. Issued by theFunding and Tenders Portal Submission Service.No

Application FormsProposal ID XXXXXXXXXAcronym XXXXXXXDeclarationsThese declarations can be filled in by any coordinator contact(s). All declarations are mandatory.1) We declare to have the explicit consent of all applicants on their participation and on the content ofthis proposal. 2) We confirm that the information contained in this proposal is correct and complete and that none ofthe project activities have started before the proposal was submitted (unless explicitly authorisedin the call conditions). ete3) We declare:– to be fully compliant with the eligibility criteria set out in the call– not to be subject to any exclusion grounds under the EU Financial Regulation 2018/1046– to have the financial and operational capacity to carry out the proposed project.pl4) We acknowledge that all communication will be made through the Funding & Tenders Portalelectronic exchange system and that access and use of this system is subject to the Funding &Tenders Portal Terms & Conditions.com5) We have read, understood and accepted the Funding & Tenders Portal Terms & Conditions andPrivacy Statement that set out the conditions of use of the Portal and the scope, purposes, retentionperiods, etc. for the processing of personal data of all data subjects whose data we communicate forthe purpose of the application, evaluation, award and subsequent management of our grant, prizesand contracts (including financial transactions and audits). otto6) We declare that the proposal complies with ethical principles (including the highest standards ofresearch integrity as set out in the ALLEA European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, as wellas applicable international and national law, including the Charter of Fundamental Rights of theEuropean Union and the European Convention on Human Rights and its Supplementary Protocols.Appropriate procedures, policies and structures are in place to foster responsible research practices,to prevent questionable research practices and research misconduct, and to handle allegations ofbreaches of the principles and standards in the Code of Conduct. e,n7) We declare that the proposal has an exclusive focus on civil applications (activities intended to beused in military application or aiming to serve military purposes cannot be funded). If the projectinvolves dual-use items in the sense of Regulation 428/2009, or other items for which authorisation isrequired, we confirm that we will comply with the applicable regulatory framework (e.g. obtainexport/import licences before these items are used). 8) We confirm that the activities proposed do notplaim at human cloning for reproductive purposes;intend to modify the genetic heritage of human beings which could make such changesheritable (with the exception of research relating to cancer treatment of the gonads,which may be financed), orintend to create human embryos solely for the purpose of research or for the purposeof stem cell procurement, including by means of somatic cell nuclear transfer.lead to the destruction of human embryos (for example, for obtaining stem cells)am–– Ex––These activities are excluded from funding.9) We confirm that for activities carried out outside the Union, the same activities would havebeen allowed in at least one EU Member State10) [Additional option for LUMP SUM Grants: For Lump Sum Grants with a detailed budget table: Weunderstand and accept that the EU lump sum grants must be reliable proxies for the actual costs of aproject and confirm that the detailed budget for the proposal has been established in accordance withour usual cost accounting practices and in compliance with the basic eligibility conditions for EUactual cost grants (see AGA ― Annotated Grant Agreement, art 6) and exclude costs that areineligible under the Programme. Purchases and subcontracting costs must be done taking intoVersion of template usedPage 3 of 39 Last saved dd/mm/yyyy HH:mmThis proposal version w as submitted by [Name, FAMILY NAME] on [dd/mm/yyyy HH:mm:ss] Brussels Local Time. Issued by theFunding and Tenders Portal Submission Service.

Application FormsProposal ID XXXXXXXXXAcronym XXXXXXXaccount best value for money and must be free of conflict of interest. ]The coordinator is only responsible for the information relating to their own organisation. Each applicant remains responsible for th einformation declared for their organisation. If the proposal is retained for EU funding, they will all be required to sign a declaration o fhonour.Example,nottocompleteFalse statements or incorrect information may lead to administrative sanctions under the EU Financial Regulation.Version of template usedPage 4 of 39Last saved dd/mm/yyyy HH:mmThis proposal version w as submitted by [Name, FAMILY NAME] on [dd/mm/yyyy HH:mm:ss] Brussels Local Time. Issued by theFunding and Tenders Portal Submission Service.

Application FormsProposal ID XXXXXXXXXAcronym XXXXXXX2 – ParticipantsList of participating organisations#Participating Organisation Legal NameCountry1ete23add, delete, edit and re-order partners in the consortiumadd, delete, edit and re-order contact points for those organisationsedit all sections of the administrative formsupload, delete, view and download Part B and Annexes (when required for the call)submit the proposalview all the information in this screen, but not edit ittoParticipant contacts may:edit only the section for their organisation in the administrative forms (including budget)view the entire administrative formsview/download the Part B and other Annexesot com plCoordinator contacts have the rights to:e,nYou can manage the list of organisations and access rights of persons at Step 4 of the submission process. You may identify and give access to asmany contact persons of the selected organisations as you wish. The identification is based upon the e-mail address of the person. When you add acontact person, you will be prompted to supply the contact details: name, e-mail, phone.plPerson in charge of the proposal (main contact person): Each organisation needs to have one main contact person identified; the main contact personwill have to fill in full contact details in the administrative form. The 'Main Contact Person' for the coordinating organisation (Participant no. 1) will becomethe primary contact person for the Services. Other contact persons may also be identified and may receive read-only or full access rights. Contactpersons with full access rights of the coordinator (Participant no. 1) will be called 'Coordinator contacts' in the Funding & Tenders Portal, while for theother participants 'Participant Contacts'; contact persons with read-only rights will be called 'Team Members'. Other contact persons are listed with basicdetails in the administrative form.amAccess rights: The main contact person and contact persons of the coordinator with full access rights have the same level of rights: they can manage thelist of participants and contacts, edit any part of the administrative part of the proposal and upload any attachments (eg. Part B - technical description),and submit the proposal. Contact persons with read-only rights can only view/download the information. Participant contacts with full access rights canonly edit their section of the administrative form and view all proposal data.Access rights can be revoked by the Coordinating Organisation contacts. The person who created the proposal cannot be deleted.ExInvitation: All contacts will receive an e-mail and a notification to the Portal about the invitation to the proposal upon saving the data at Step 4 of thesubmission process.Version of template usedPage 5 of 39Last saved dd/mm/yyyy HH:mmThis proposal version w as submitted by [Name, FAMILY NAME] on [dd/mm/yyyy HH:mm:ss] Brussels Local Time. Issued by theFunding and Tenders Portal