Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Selfby Henry ReedOnline Spiritual Book ClubChapter Summaries by Julie Geigle, MA

Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher SelfTable of ContentsCh 1 What is Channeling?Ch 2 Listen to Your Intuition: The Channel of Your Guardian AngelCh 3 Dreams: The Nightly Channel of the Higher SelfCh 4 The Creative Channel of the Mind: What We Think, We BecomeCh 5 Meditation: Channel of the SpiritCh 6 Inspirational WritingCh 7 Artistic Channels of CreativityCh 8 The Visionary Channel of Your ImaginationCh 9 Who's There? Identifying the Spirit Who SpeaksCh 10 Evaluating Channeled GuidanceCh 11 Using Hypnosis to Become a Trance ChannelCh 12 The Channel of Cooperation in a GroupCh 13 Being a Channel of Healing ForcesCh 14 Being Yourself: The Ultimate Form of Channeling

Chapter 1: What is ChannelingToday's Affirmation: Every day my inner voice becomes louder and clearer."Learning that you, too, are a channel of spiritcan be a means of spiritual awakening. Thehighest psychic realization, Cayce declared,is that God talks directly to human beings." Edgar CayceWhat is Channeling? In its most general sense it's a means of transmissionThe channel receives and passes along informationInspiration & creativity are aspects of channelingBeing able to elevate others to higher states of consciousness & bring out the best inpeopleEdgar Cayce's work is known as "classic channeled metaphysical literature"We are all channels of Divine energyIt is transmitting something which is beyond one's personal selfA channel may be asleep, in a meditation, in a trance or awake while channelingThere are as many ways to channel as their are individuals that channelA channeler brings forth information that's not part of the channeler's own learning orexperience"Every day, in countless ways, you and I are channels of spirit, of ideas, and of resources thatcome from beyond our conscious personalities. Our channeling abilities have profoundimpact on our own lives and the lives of those around us. We can become aware of this fact.We can realize that we're channelers and can consider which types of channeling we wish toperfect and use. Rather than channeling without awareness of what we're doing, we can take amore active, creative role in our channeling.By doing so, we assume our birthright, our mission in life, to become a channel of blessings toothers by the way we willingly choose to channel our energies."

Chapter 2: Listen to Your Intuition:The Channel of Your Guardian AngelToday's Affirmation: I am directly connected to infinite intelligence."Intuition is the highest form of psychic ability." Edgar CayceIntuition as a Channel of GuidanceIntuition is information that comes to you from Universal Intelligence or God and in this respectit is referred to as a “channel.” It guides you on your path to your highest good.The Psychic Side of IntuitionIntuition never comes randomly; there is always a purpose, a reason.Intuition is more than psychic ability. It draws a conclusion and directs your actions like afaithful guide dog who know you and knows what’s best for you.Many times, intuition guides our actions without our knowing it.All Knowledge is WithinCayce defined intuition as knowing from within.2 Keystones of Cayce’s teachings:1) Knowing that all knowledge comes from within2) Learning to look withinZen ArcheryEugen Herrigel traveled to Japan to learn about Zen. Finally, Master Kenzo Awa, the reveredarcher agreed to work with him. Eugen spent countless hours learning how to draw the long

and very stiff Japanese bow. He shot at no target. He learned the target was an inward one – astate of mind.Finally, during the fifth year, the master brought out a target and demonstrated shooting. Themaster could hit the target every time without hardly looking. He joked that his master hadlearned to shoot in his sleep. Later that evening at the Master’s studio he revealed an amazingsecret in pitch blackness the master shot at a target twice and hit it both times dead center.The master explained that we believe we need our eyes to see because we believe the world isout there beyond us. If you separate yourself from the target you then have to learn the trick ofhow to hit it with the arrow. The art is to become one with the target, allowing the arrow toreturn to its natural home.An archer who aims the arrow at the target is merely a trick shooter. The archer who becomesthe target is on the path to realizing Zen’s great Secret.The GREAT secret to developing intuition is to follow the path because it leads to our truenature, One with God not because we want to become psychic.Intention is everything.The Secret of Unitary OnenessWe are all one. All of creation is one. There is one spirit, or energy that unites all of creation.It connects all human beings with one another and with everything else in creation. Althoughwe may appear to one another as separate, disconnected beings, we are each extensions of theCreator’s spirit. What happens to one of us touches us all. There is a unified psychic ecologyamong all events in creation.God created human souls out of the Creator’s own being. Each soul is a projection of God, inthe same way our thoughts and images are projections of our mind. Although each soul has itsindividuality, all souls are one spirit.Each soul is like a miniature universe. Like a drop of water in the ocean. Each person hasintimate knowledge of all of creation.Modern science states that creation is holonomic. When you aim a laser beam at a holographicplate, the beam bounces off the plate and projects a three-dimensional picture in space. Thisproject looks solid and as real as the actual plate.Being psychic is an inherent, natural attribute of the soul. Intuition draws upon this universalknowledge that is psychically available to the soul.The Superconscious Mind

There is only one mind. This single, living reality is a universal mind that we all have incommon. Mind is like the air we share. Although we each have our separate lungs to touch theair, there is only one air.Conscious Mind the lowest form of the mindfocuses on physical worldeach of us appears distinctly separate from one anotherchannel of sensory informationSubconscious Mind all subconscious minds, of both the living and the dead, are in contact with one anotherremembers everything from all lifetimes stored in the Akashic Records located in thesubconscious mindchannel of telepathic information – gets knowledge from other people’s thoughts &experiencesSuperconscious Mind channel of clairvoyancegets information directly from the oneness of lifetaps into the knowledge from universal mindIntuition is a superchannel, taking advantage of info coming through all the other channels.Developing Intuition7 Major Principles: you become consciously one with life, you become more consciously intuitive.Empathy and Love are the highest forms of attunement for intuition.A need to know something stimulates intuition.Intuitive knowledge comes from within.Intuition requires an acceptance of what spontaneously comes from within. Our firstthought, feeling or image.6. Genuine intuitions are consistent with our highest values or ideals.7. Honor your intuition by acting on them or affirming them.Lightening AnalagyImagine that your intuition is like a lightening rod. The lightening up in the sky is the infiniteintelligence, the energy that seeks expression when it’s needed. You want to bring the lightningdown from the sky. If you don’t provide a ground, a connection with the earth, the lightening

won’t come down your channel. Being prepared to put intuitions into service provides thenecessary grounding.Spend Time in NatureThis is the best way to cultivate intuition, by spending time in nature.It’s the perfect way to practice oneness with life.A Little Bird Told MeBirds are a common symbol of telepathic and intuitive messages.Intuition is EmpathyCayce’s Concept of Onenessharmony, resonance, and communion.AttunementWhen we attune to something we become one with it or in alignment with it.Nature MeditationChoose something in nature to meditate on. It could be a flower like a rose, a tree, or maybe thesounds of nature or even a bird or squirrel sitting quietly. Empathically merge with this energyand become one with it. For example, if you chose a rose, become a rose yourself. Begin tofeel as the rose feels. From within yourself, imagery will arise that expresses your affinity withthe rose. Thus you will come to know the rose intuitively.Hearing VoicesIntuitions often come as feelings. Sometimes they come as voices.The Natural Depth of Man by Wilson Van DusenIn his book, Wilson shared his experiences with mentally ill patients who heard voices. Helearned that there are good voices and there are bad voices. The patients reported hearingdifferent voices, voices that spoke with different tones and spoke different things. There werevoices that were highly critical and said terrible things. He coached the person to speak back tothose voices, to tell them to stop. They also heard voices that spoke kind words and hadencouraging things to say. He helped the person to learn how to listen to those voices. Theseinner helpers could offer advice about the person’s recovery. As mental health returned, the badvoices went away, but the good voices remained as helpers and guides.Anchor your Channeling

Anchor your channeling by being clear about your purpose for receiving information. Byhaving some purpose focused on serving a need, we direct the active part of our channel in aconstructive manner.The Crosscurrent of our Subconscious MindThe subconscious mind is like a strong crosscurrent we have to swim through as we reachupward to the superconscious mind to access intuition. The subconscious mind may be filledwith many different voices, good and bad. Our superconscious mind is filled with pure love,light and harmony. Our purpose helps us attune to the highest source of guidance.Learning to Listen to the Still, Small VoicePractice ExerciseBegin with a difficult decision you have to make. Think through the alternatives, consider yourvalues and purposes, and make your best decision. Make a tentative commitment to followthrough on that decision. Making that commitment is necessary to arouse your entire being inthe contemplation of that decision. Hypothetical thoughts don’t excite the intuitive faculty, forit’s of a more practical bent.Next, sit down and get as quiet as you can within yourself. This step is the attunement. Focuson the feelings evoked by your highest values and your ideals. When you are in the frame ofmind that is resonating with your ideals, ask yourself if your decision is a good one. There willbe a response to that question within you, a “Yes” or “No.” That response is the voice ofintuition. You may experience it as a voice, a feeling, or a thought. An answer will be there.It’s usually the very first thing that comes to mind.Learning to Trust IntuitionTrust: Accepting the first thing that comes to mind is one of the hardest aspects of learningintuition. It involves TRUST.Tip: Accept your first response and save your evaluation, analysis, and criticism for later.Remember: Intuition is like a loving friend, it’s there to help and guide you toward yourhighest good.The Guardian AngelIntuition guides and guards usinspires usbrings experiences of spiritual meaningsometimes it speaks, like an inner voice

sometimes it brings feelings, like joy or dreadit nudges usit guides us without our awarenessits promptings may be subtle or loudit is one face of the higher selfIntuition performs all the services we might expect of a Guardian Angel, in fact within each ofus IS a Guardian Angel!Where’s My Guardian Angel?Inside of you. Yep. Cayce says that our Guardian Angel resides where our portion of thesuperconscious mind becomes the one, universal mind. It is that part of us that hasn’t forgottenour oneness with God and knows of no separation from God. The guardian angel thus has nofree will of its own, but serves only the will of God.The actions of our intuition aren’t the response of our free will. They are involuntary,spontaneous responses of our guardian angel, drawing us ever closer to the experience ofoneness.

Chapter 3: Dreams The Nightly Channel of the Higher SelfToday's Affirmation: I will remember my dreams in the morning and any helpful messagesthey may hold."As we fall asleep, our intuition, our sixthsense, not only remains awake but also becomesmore expansive.There is no awareness of a separate self.There is simply being---deep, silent sleep, pureintuition, pure psychic oneness"Dreams as a Channel of Psychic Experience A study of 9,300 documented cases of psychic experiences showed that 57% of these occurred indreams.Dreams are a channel of which we obtain important information about the future.8% of the population (over 2 mil. Americans) have had a dream that foretold, in explicit detail, of anevent that later happened.Cayce said that anything of importance that would ever happen to us we would first preview in a dream.The Nightly Channel of the Higher SelfDreams are perhaps the most profound channels of the higher self.Six Ways Dreams Function as a Channel: are themselves real experiences in the spiritual dimension.They provide “readings” on our current life.They provide us with a way to contact God.They are inspirational, teaching us lessons.They are creative, presenting solutions to problems.They are psychic, seeing into the future.Dreams: The Health Care ChannelDreams are also a channel of preventive health care and healing. While we sleep our inner physician is always in attendance.Dreams may warn about developing illness, giving advice about treating health issues, and evenproviding direct healing.There is evidence that during the dream state the body is receptive to new programming.

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