WELCOME TO THE ELGAWORLD OF WELDINGOur mission is to provide global and local industries withmaximum uptime and excellent weld quality no matter howexacting or demanding the circumstances. We seek newmethods, take on any challenge and leave no stone unturned until we find the perfect solution. That’s why weldingprofessionals around the world trust us to tackle anyapplication, wherever welding takes them.Our goal is to keep on working hard to earn that trust,today and tomorrow, as a major supplier and part of globalITW

ELGACORE EDGEMETAL-CORED WIRE THAT SAVES YOUTIME AND MONEYElgacore Edge metal-cored wire is designed for high-qualitywelding of carbon steels. Its patented silicon control technologyminimizes silicon island deposits, thereby reducing the need forpost-weld cleaning. Thanks to its excellent wetting capabilities,less material preparation is needed before welding.Elgacore Edge provides high depositionrates, allowing for productivity increasesof up to 30%. The wetting characteristicshelp welders create smooth, flat beadswith uniform fusion, and the smooth,stable arc is easy to control. This makesthe use of anti-spatter spray redundant,saving you time and money. To lowerthe risk of cracking and associatedrework, the wire produces low hydrogenweld deposits.All-in-all, Elgacore Edge increaseswelding productivity and quality, savingfurther time and money. Its unique characteristics and low hydrogen contentprovide weld beads without slag andminimize the need for post-weld cleanup. It is a forgiving wire that helps welders produce high-quality welds evenafter short training.

ELGA PROPACTHE ROBOT’S BEST FRIENDWhen shifting to ProPac in your robotised or mechanised welding,downtime for spool changes can be reduced by up to 90% (250 kgProPac compared to 15 kg standard spool) – time you can use toincrease arc time factor and improve productivity.ProPac also extends the wire feed unit’sservice life. The force needed to pull outthe wire from ProPac is considerablylower than required to rotate a standardspool, which means less strain on thewire feed unit and drive motor.Significantly fewer spool changes alsoraises quality thanks to fewer rejectsassociated with welding process interruptions. The physical properties ofthe coiled wire in ProPac mean that italways exits the welding torch straight,providing excellent, reliable seam tracking. Unlike wire on spools, the wire inProPac is always fully protected frommoisture, dirt, dust, etc., which cancause welding problems.And last but not least, ProPac is fullyrecyclable and can be folded for easydisposal and recycling.

ELGA MEGAFILSOLID WELDS YOU CAN TRUSTElga Megafil is a series of seamless rutile and metal-cored wiresthat are closed by full penetration welding and totally insensitiveto moisture absorption, even under extreme climatic conditionswith tropical temperatures and very high relative humidity.The filling remains dry throughout theentire process of storage and use inwelded fabrication, preventing hydrogen induced cracking caused by moisture in the consumable. Elga Megafilcored wires require no special storageconditions. Re-drying prior to use isnever necessary.Elga Megafil is excellent for manualas well as automatic and mechanizedwelding in all positions. The productrange comprises a large selection ofwires for effective processing of nonalloy and high-strength, fine-grainstructural steels in applications such asoffshore, pipelines, shipbuilding, heavyequipment andgeneral fabrication.

MILLERWELDING EQUIPMENTMiller is about building things that matter. The company leadsthe welding industry in building advanced, solution-focused welding equipment and meeting crucial needs for welding safety andhealth.It is also about the partnership and thework. Its products are designed together with users for manufacturing,fabrication, construction, aviation, motorsports, education, agriculture andmarine applications. Miller began withan innovation that responded to customer needs, growing from a one-manoperation in 1929 to the world’s largestmanufacturer of arc welding products. Itmaintains its industry leadership by set-ting the standard for reliability, qualityand responsiveness and keeps the tradition alive by focusing on its top priority– people.

HOBART SWX 150VERSATILE FLUX FOR HIGH-QUALITYSUB-ARC WELDINGHobart SWX 150 provides welds with Arctic strength for themost demanding onshore and offshore applications. It is a fluxthat lets you sleep at night, especially when it comes to welds atthe lowest temperatures.Hobart SWX 150 is a high basicity,fluoride- basic agglomerated flux forhigh-strength, creep-resistant applications including CTOD requirements. Itsneutral character promotes homogeneous weld chemistry and consistentmechanical properties throughout thickmulti-layer welds.It produces low oxygen weld metal resulting in excellent impact toughnessdown to -60 C and below. It has verygood slag detachability even in narrowgaps, along with a smooth bead finishand tie-in.No wonder Hobart SWX 150 is thenumber one choice for welding at theextremes – for applications where nothing can be left to chance and the consequences are severe if something goeswrong. It keeps you in the comfort zonewhen it comes to weld quality as well ascost efficiency.

ContentsProduct programme.9Electrodes for MMA welding of ferritic steelsRutile coated electrodes for welding mild and medium tensile steels.17Basic coated electrodes for welding mild and medium tensile steels.21Basic coated low alloy electrodes for welding high tensile, lowtemperature and creep resisting steels.31Electrodes for MMA welding of stainless steels and Ni-base alloys.35Electrodes for MMA welding for maintenance and repair.51Cored wires for welding of ferritic steels; Unalloyed.55Rutile.56Metal Cored.60Cored wires for welding of ferritic steels; Low alloyed.63Rutile.64Metal Cored.68Cored wires for welding of stainless steels.71Solid wires for gas shielded welding of ferritic steels.79Solid wires for gas shielded welding of stainless steels and Ni-base alloys.85Solid wires for gas shielded welding of aluminium alloys.95TIG rods for welding of ferritic steels.99TIG rods for welding of stainless steels and Ni-base alloys.105TIG rods for welding of aluminium alloys.113Other products.117Technical information contents.1239

Product programmeElectrodes for MMA welding of ferritic steelsProductEN ISOAWSPageMild and carbon-manganese steels - Normal metal recoveryP 43EN ISO 2560-A E 42 0 R 12A5.1 E 6013webP 45SEN ISO 2560-A E 42 0 RC 11A5.1 E 601318P 47EN ISO 2560-A E 46 4 B 12 H5A5.1 E 7016-122P 47DEN ISO 2560-A E 42 2 B 12 H10A5.1 E 701623P 48MEN ISO 2560-A E 42 5 B 42 H5A5.1 E 7018-1H424P 48SEN ISO 2560-A E 42 4 B 42 H5A5.1 E 7018-1H425P 48PEN ISO 2560-A E 46 2 B 12 H5A5.1 E 7018-H826P 51EN ISO 2560-A E 46 4 B 32 H5A5.1 E 7018-1H827P 52TEN ISO 2560-A E 42 2 B 35 H5A5.1 E 7048-H428P 54EN ISO 2560-A E 46 2 B 35 H5A5.1 E 7048-H4webMild and carbon-manganese steels - High recoveryMaxeta 5EN ISO 2560-A E 42 2 RA 73A5.1 E 7027webMaxeta 10EN ISO 2560-A E 42 0 RR 53A5.1 E 7024webMaxeta 11EN ISO 2560-A E 42 0 RR 73A5.1 E 702419Maxeta 16EN ISO 2560-A E 42 0 RR 73A5.1 E 7024webMaxeta 21EN ISO 2560-A E 42 4 B 73 H5A5.1 E 702829Maxeta 22EN ISO 2560-A E 42 3 B 74 H10A5.1 E 7028web32Low alloyed steels - Normal metal recoveryP 62MREN ISO 2560-A E 46 5 1Ni B 32 H5A5.5 E 7018-G/(E 8018-G)P 63MREN ISO 2560-A E 46 5 1Ni B 32 H5A5.5 E 7018-C3LwebP 65MREN ISO 2560-A E 50 6 Mn1Ni B32 H5A5.5 E 8018-G33P 110MREN ISO 18275-A E 69 6Mn2NiCrMoB32H5A5.5 E 11018-G34P 81CREN ISO 3580 E Mo B 42 H5A5.5 E 7018-A1webP 83CREN ISO 3580 E CrMo1 B 42 H5A5.5 E 8018-B2webA5.5 E 7018-GwebLow alloyed steels - High recoveryMaxeta 24EN ISO 2560-A E 46 5 1Ni B 53 H5Products marked web are only presented on www.elga.se10

Product programmeElectrodes for MMA welding of stainless steels and Ni-base alloysProductEN ISOAWSPageCromarod 308LEN ISO 3581-A E 19 9 LR 12A5.4 E 308L-1736Cromarod 308LPEN ISO 3581-A E 19 9 LR 11A5.4 E 308L-1737Cromarod B308LEN ISO 3581-A E 19 9 LB 42A5.4 E 308L-15webCromarod 308HEN ISO 3581-A E 19 9 R 12A5.4 E 308H-1738Cromarod 347EN ISO 3581-A E 19 9 Nb R 12A5.4 E 347-1739Cromarod B347EN ISO 3581-A E 19 9 Nb B 42A5.4 E 347-15webCromarod 316LEN ISO 3581-A E 19 12 3 L R 12A5.4 E 316L-1740Cromarod 316LPEN ISO 3581-A E 19 12 3 L R 11A5.4 E 316L-1741Cromarod 316LVEN ISO 3581-A E 19 12 3 L R 15A5.4 E 316L-17webCromarod B316LEN ISO 3581-A E 19 12 3 L B 42A5.4 E 316L-15webCromarod 318EN ISO 3581-A E 19 12 3 Nb R12A5.4 E 318-17webCromarod 309LEN ISO 3581-A E 23 12 L R 12A5.4 E 309L-1742Cromarod 309MoLEN ISO 3581-A E 23 12 2 L R 32A5.4 E 309MoL-1743Cromarod 309MoLPEN ISO 3581-A E 23 12 2 LR 11A5.4 E 309MoL-1744Cromarod 310EN ISO 3581-A E 25 20 R 12A5.4 E 310-1745Cromarod 312EN ISO 3581-A 1600 E 29 9 R 32A5.4 E 312-1746Cromarod 253--webCromarod DuplexEN ISO 3581-A E 22 93 N L R 12A5.4 E 2209-1747Cromarod Duplex LPEN ISO 3581-A E 22 93 N L R 12A5.4 E 2209-1748Cromarod Duplex BEN ISO 3581-A E 22 93 N L B 42A5.4 E 2209-15webCromarod 2507REN ISO 3581-A E 25 9 4 N L R 12A5.4 E 2594-1749Cromarod 2507BEN ISO 3581-A E 25 9 4 N L B 12A5.4 E 2594-15webCromarod 383EN ISO 3581-A E 27 314 Cu L R 12A5.4 E 383-17webCromarod 385EN ISO 3581-A E 20 25 5 Cu N L R 12A5.4 E 385-17webCromarod 8214172- E Ni 6182A5.11 E NiCrFe-3webCromarod 62514172- E Ni 6625A5.11 E NiCrMo-35011

Product programmeElectrodes for MMA welding for maintenance and repairProductEN ISOAWSPageElgaloy Hard 30E Fe1-webElgaloy Hard 60E Z Fe2-52Elgaloy Hard 100E Fe14-53Elgaloy Mix 183581-A E18 8 6 Mn R 53A5.4 E 307-26Elgaloy Mix 18B3581-A E18 8 Mn B 12Elgaloy Cast-Ni1071 E Ni-Cl3A5.15-90 E Ni-CIwebElgaloy Cast-NiFe1071 E NiFe-ClA5.15-90 E NiFe-CI54webwebCored wires for welding of ferritic steels; UnalloyedProductEN ISOAWSPageMegafil 713 RT 46 4 P M21 1 H5A5.20 E71T-1M-J H456Megafil 716 RT 46 6 P M21 1 H5A5.20: E71T-9M-J H457Elgacore 791T 46 3 P/C M 2 H5A5.20 E 71T-1C/M; E 71T-9C/M58Elgacore 712 MT 42 6 P M 2 H5A5.20 E71T-1MJ-H459Megafil 710 MT 46 6 P M21 1 H5A5.20: E71T-9M-J H460Elgacore MatrixT 46 4 M M 3 H5A5.18 E 70C-6M H461Elgacore EdgeT 46 3 M M 3 H5A5.18 E70C-6M H462RutileMetal cored12

Product programmeCored wires for welding of ferritic steels; Low alloyedProductEN ISOAWSPageMegafil 550 RT 55 6 Mn1,5Ni P M21 1 H5A5.29: M21: E91T1-K2M-J H464Megafil 821 RT 50 6 1 Ni P M21 1 H5A5.29: E81T1-Ni1M-J H465Megafil 690 RT 69 6 Z P M21 1 H5A5.36: E111T1-M21A4-G-H466Elgacore 881 K2T 46 6 1,5 Ni P M 1 H5A5.29 E81T1-K2M67Megafil 240 MT 50 6 1Ni M M21 1 H5A5.28: E80C-Ni1 H468Megafil 742 MT 69 6 Mn2NiCrMo M M21 1 H5A5.28: E110C-K4 H469RutileMetal coredCored wires for welding of stainless steelsProductEN ISOAWSPageCromacore 308LT0T 19 9 L R M 3A5.22 E308LT0-472Cromacore 308LT1T 19 9 L P M 1A5.22 E 308LT1-473Cromacore 316LT0T 19 12 3 L R M 3A5.22 E 316LT1-474Cromacore 316LT1T 19 12 3 L P M 1A5.22 E 316LT1-475Cromacore 309LT0T 23 12 L R M 3A5.22 E309LT0-476Cromacore 309LT1T 23 12 L P M 1A5.22 E 309LT1-477Cromacore 309MoLT1T 23 12 2 L P M 1A5.22 E 309LMoT1-4webCromacore 2209T1T 22 9 3 N L P M 1A5.22 E2209T1-47813

Product programmeSolid wires for gas shielded welding of ferritic steelsProductEN ISOAWSPageElgamatic 10014341-A G 42 2 (C) M G3Si1A5.18 ER70S-680Elgamatic 10314341-A G 46 (2) 4 (C) M G4Si1A5.18 ER70S-681Elgamatic 13516834 G 69 4 Mn3Ni1CrMoA5.28 ER100S-G82A5.28 ER80S-GwebElgamatic 14716834 G Mn3NiCrMoA5.28 ER100S-GwebElgamatic 16214341-A G 46 6 M G3Ni1A5.28 ER80S-Ni183Elgamatic 181CR21952-A G MoSiA5.28 ER70S-A1webElgamatic 183CR21952-A G CrMo1SiElgamatic 140webSolid wires for maintenance and repairProductENElgaloy Hard M6014700 S Fe8AWSPagewebSolid wires for gas shielded welding of stainless steels and Ni-basealloysProductEN ISOAWSPageCromamig 308LSi14343 G 19 9 LSiA5.9 ER308LSi86Cromamig 347Si14343 G 19 9 Nb SiA5.9 ER347Si87Cromamig 316L14343 G 19 12 3 LA5.9 ER316LwebCromamig 316LSi14343 G 19 12 3 LSiA5.9 ER316LSi88Cromamig 318Si14343 G 19 12 3 Nb SiA5.9 ER318webCromamig 309LSi14343 G 23 12 LSiA5.9 ER309LSi89Cromamig 309MoL14343 G 23 12 2A5.9 ER309MoL90Cromamig 31014343 G 25 20A5.9 ER310webCromamig 31214343 G 29 9A5.9 ER312webCromamig 307Si14343 G 18 8 Mn SiA5.9 ER307Si91Cromamig Duplex14343 G 22 9 3 LNA5.9 ER220992webCromamig 250714343 G 25 9 4 LNCromamig 38514343 G 20 25 5 Cu LNA5.9 ER385webCromamig 62518274 S Ni 6625 (NiCr22Mo9Nb)A5.14 ERNiCrMo-39314

Product programmeSolid wires for gas shielded welding of aluminium alloysProductEN ISOAWSPageAlumig Si518273 S AI 4043 (AISi5)A5.10 ER 404396Alumig Mg318273 S Al 5754 (AlMg3)A5.10 ER 5754webAlumig Mg518273 S AI 5356 (AIMg5Cr)A5.10 ER 535697Alumig Mg4.5 Mn18273 S AI