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TenarisTenaris is a leading supplier of tubes and relatedservices for the world’s energy industry andcertain other industrial applications. Our missionis to deliver value to our customers throughproduct development, manufacturing excellenceand supply chain management. We seek tominimize risk for our customers and help themreduce costs, increase flexibility and improvetime-to-market.4Tenaris employees around the world arecommitted to continuous improvement bysharing knowledge across a single globalorganization.Through our integrated global network ofmanufacturing, R&D and service facilities, wework with our customers to meet their needs forthe timely supply of high-performance productsin increasingly complex operating environments.

Fully IntegratedManufacturing ProcessTenaris manufactures sucker rods in a fully integrated industrial process.With production centers strategically located in three regions, we meetthe growing demand of our customers all over the world.Each individual rod is straightened, while itsentire surface is inspected by Non DestructiveTesting (NDT) equipment that can detect anypotential transversal or longitudinal defects inaccordance with API criteria. Internal ultrasonictests are also performed. Additionally, all Tenarissucker rods undergo a shot peening process thatcompresses their external surface to improvefatigue resistance.VERACRUZIn October 2011 Tenarisbegan producing rods inMexico, becoming the onlylocal manufacturer of thisINTRODUCTIONtype of products.SUCKER RODS CATALOGUETenaris’s sucker rods and accessories are designedto efficiently respond to challenging operatingconditions, including high loads, corrosiveenvironments and applications where control oftubing/rod friction is required.Manufactured to the most stringent qualitystandards, all product lines comply with ISO9001 and API Q1 specifications. A single qualitypolicy and the enforcement of a rigorous qualitymanagement system ensure homogeneousquality across all facilities. Quality controlprocedures include statistical process controls,daily process/product audits and sucker rodstraceability systems.TenarisFrom the production of steel as a raw material tothe threading of each sucker rod, the entireprocess takes place in our own manufacturingcenters. Located in Villa Mercedes (Argentina),Pindamonhangaba (Brazil), Veracruz (Mexico),Campina (Romania) and Conroe (USA), thesestate-of-the-art plants are equipped tomanufacture Tenaris’s full line AlphaRod Series,HolloRod Series, BlueRod , X-Torque, HighStrength and API sucker rods.5

Delivering Valuefor CustomersBuilding on its global reach and vast field experience, Tenaris offersa wide range of services that add value through customized supply,operational, administrative and technical solutions for your operations.Tenaris’s experienced field service specialists arealways on hand to assess our customers’ operationalneeds. The services they provide include:STRING DESIGN OPTIMIZATIONWith vast experience in even the most challengingoil well operational environments, Tenaris is ableto provide full assistance in identifying theoptimum string design for each particularapplication. Using advanced simulation software,our experts can help you with both beam andprogressive cavity pumping rod string designs.JUST-IN-TIME DELIVERY AND INVENTORYMANAGEMENTThanks to our global network of customerservice centers, combined with our logisticsexpertise, we can offer just in-time delivery ofmaterials and work closely with our customers toprovide full inventory management services.RUNNING SUPERVISIONOne of the main causes behind sucker rodfailures is poorly performed running. Hydraulictongs used at the well site are not equipped tomonitor that the required torque values areapplied to each connection. Therefore, pressurelosses, inadequate calibration and operationalmistakes can lead to premature failures.To respond to these needs, Tenaris offers aspecialized running service that includes:.Trained personnel for the supervision of handling,thread cleaning, make-up and torque controlactivities, ensuring compliance with best practices.Deployment of advanced hydraulic power tongsfor optimal make-up operation and torquecontrol analysis.Torque control in problematic wells with highfailure rates.PARTNERS IN THE FIELDTenaris offers specializedrunning services.6

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCEMATERIAL OPTIMIZATION SERVICE (MOS)During installation, Tenaris’s field engineersare trained to assist customers and address anytechnical doubts that could arise in the field.TRAININGDesigned to improve sucker rod performance andto reduce well interventions, our MOS is basedon an integral analysis of the problematic field orarea. This service includes a fully integratedapplication of all the services described above.FAILURE ANALYSISFollowing the completion of field surveys,interviewing of key customers and statisticalanalysis of well intervention history, our expertswill propose detailed technical recommendations,covering material selection, string design andoperational practices, and assist with theirimplementation.Tenaris provides training services on productselection, string design, material handling andother aspects of the installation and operation ofsucker rods. Classroom or in-field training sessionsare customized to match the level of experience,knowledge and specific needs of each team.In our state-of-the-art laboratories, we analyzethe mechanical and dimensional properties ofmaterials, as well as the corrosion effects onthem. The resulting data is used to effectivelydiagnose the cause of failure.Customized ServicesAFTER MARKETSERVICESINVENTORYMANAGEMENTFULLY INTEGRATEDMANUFACTURING,PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT& LOGISTICSCUSTOMERTRAININGJUST IN UCKER RODS CATALOGUEFAILUREANALYSISINTRODUCTIONSTRING CE7

Design & TechnologyTenaris offers field-proven products designed for the mostchallenging oil & gas applications.At Tenaris, our goal is to make sure that ourcustomers can take full advantage of the latestproduct technology to address their needs in thefield. By sharing knowledge and resources acrossa global organization and leveraging ourspecialized R&D centers in Italy, Japan, Mexico,Brazil and Argentina, we are able to expand ourrange of product solutions to meet today’sincreasingly demanding well conditions.Through the work carried out at the StructuralIntegrity, Metallurgy, Non Destructive Testingand other key departments of Tenaris’s R&Dnetwork, new technologies are created forproduct design, manufacturing processes, surface8treatment and quality control. This integratedapproach has allowed Tenaris to maintain itsleading position in product design and processinnovation.Any new technology developed by Tenaris isextensively tested. Over 45 years of fieldexperience endorse the performance of Tenaris’sproducts and provide the basis for future R&Dinitiatives.AlphaRod Series, HolloRod Series andBlueRod sucker rods are an example of ourcontinuous efforts in R&D and the high-endsolutions that derive from them.

TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGHSALPHAROD SERIESThe AlphaRod Series was created toovercome more demanding requirementsand offer a solution to fatigue and corrosionfatigue problems.The new steel grades of the AlphaRod generation were specially designed to widelyexceed the performance of API and HS steelgrades under critical conditions.SUCKER RODS CATALOGUETenarisHOLLOROD SERIESTenaris R&D team developed the HolloRod Series, a technological breakthroughespecially designed to resist high-torsionloads. The HolloRod reduce connectionfailure, tubing wear, and backspin effect, andenables injection of chemical corrosioninhibitors or viscosity-reduction fluids downthe inside of the rod. In the last years, theuse of HolloRod was expanded to otherapplications like RP, deliquification, gas liftapplications, heavy oil production, paraffincontrol and special operations.INTRODUCTIONBLUEROD PREMIUM SUCKER RODThe total capacity of the sucker rod stringdepends mostly on the connection capacity.Up to now, a high percentage ofconventional pumping failures were traceableto this part of the rods. BlueRod design,with a tapered trapezium thread profile andflank-to-flank contact, offers remarkableresistance for high loads, opening up a newfrontier for oil pumping operations.9

Full Product RangeTenaris manufactures the industry’s most comprehensive rangeof sucker rods for demanding well conditions.AlphaRod SeriesMAIN FEATURESTHREAD TYPEAPIAPPLICATIONROD BODY DIAMETER [in (mm)]PIN DIAMETER [in (mm)]LENGHT (**) [ft (m)]BEAM PUMPING - PROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMPING5/8 (15.9)3/4 (19.1)7/8 (22.2)1 (25.4)1 1/8 (28.6)5/8 (15.9)3/4 (19.1)7/8 (22.2)1 (25.4)1 1/8 (28.6)2 TO 12 (0.61 TO 3.66) - 25 (7.62)GRADEALPHAROD SERIESBlueRod Premium Sucker RodMAIN FEATURESTHREAD TYPEPREMIUM CONNECTIONAPPLICATIONROD BODY DIAMETER [in (mm)]PIN DIAMETER [in (mm)]LENGHT (**) [ft (m)]BEAM PUMPING - PROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMPING3/4 (19.1)7/8 (22.2) (*)7/8 (22.2)1 (25.4)7/8 (22.2) (*)1 (25.4)2 TO 8 (0.61 TO 2.44) - 25 (7.62) - 30 (9.14)GRADED BLUEROD - KD BLUEROD - ALPHAROD CSHolloRodTM SeriesMAIN FEATURESTHREAD TYPEAPPLICATIONROD BODY DIAMETER [in (mm)]PIN DIAMETER [in (mm)]LENGHT (**) [ft (m)]GRADE10PREMIUM CONNECTIONPROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMPING - BEAM PUMPING - SPECIAL APPLICATIONS1.92 (48.8)1.66 (42.2)2.24 (57.0)1.92 (48.8)1.66 (42.2)2.24 (57.0)0.5 TO 10 (0.15 TO 3.05) - 28 TO 32 (8.53 TO 9.75)HOLLORODTM SERIES

X-Torque RodMAIN FEATURESTHREAD TYPEAPI MODIFIEDAPPLICATIONROD BODY DIAMETER [in (mm)]PIN DIAMETER [in (mm)]LENGHT (**) [ft (m)]PROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMPING1 (25.4)1 1/4 (31.8)1 1/4 (31.8)1 1/2 (38.1)7/8 (22.2)1 (25.4)1 1/8 (28.6)1 1/8 (28.6)2 TO 12 (0.61 TO 3.66) - 25 (7.62)GRADED ALLOY - KD - D SPECIAL - MMS - UHSHigh Strength RodMAIN FEATURESTHREAD TYPEAPIAPPLICATIONROD BODY DIAMETER [in (mm)]PIN DIAMETER [in (mm)]LENGHT (**) [ft]BEAM PUMPING - PROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMPING5/8 (15.9)3/4 (19.1)5/8 (15.9)3/4 (19.1)7/8 (22.2)7/8 (22.2)1 (25.4)1 1/8 (28.6)1 (25.4)1 1/8 (28.6)2 TO 12 (0.61 TO 3.66) - 25 (7.62) - 30 (9.14)GRADEMMS - UHSConventional RodMAIN FEATURESTHREAD TYPEAPIAPPLICATIONROD BODY DIAMETER [in (mm)]PIN DIAMETER [in (mm)]LENGHT (**) [ft (m)]GRADEBEAM PUMPING - PROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMPING5/8 (15.9)3/4 (19.1)7/8 (22.2)1 (25.4)1 1/8 (28.6)5/8 (15.9)3/4 (19.1)7/8 (22.2)1 (25.4)1 1/8 (28.6)2 TO 12 (0.61 TO 3.66) - 25 (7.62) - 30 (9.14)C - K - D CARBON - D ALLOY - KD - D SPECIALTenarisSUCKER RODS CATALOGUEINTRODUCTION(*) 7/8” BlueRod has a reinforced wrench square with dimensions larger than API.(**) Special lenght pony rods are only available upon request.11

Proprietary Steel GradesTenaris has developed different proprietary product lines that offer a widerange of solutions both for conventional and non-conventional wells. Manufactured in different steel grades (low alloy . Manufactured in AISI 4330 Mod. alloy steel, withcarbon steels with special addition of chromiumnickel-chrome and molybdenum. Heat treatment: normalized and tempered.and molybdenum, or micro alloy addition of. Recommended for non-corrosive wells with veryniobium and boron) and dedicated heatALPHAROD SERIESULTRA HIGH STRENGTH (UHS)treatment.high loads. Manufactured in AISI 4138 Mod. steel to provideULTRA HIGH STRENGTH SPECIAL (MMS).PROPRIETARYSTEEL GRADESDeveloped to meetdemanding requirements.12high mechanical strength. Produced from achromium-molybdenum alloy steel with no nickel.Heat treatment: normalized and tempered.Recommended for deep well applications withhigh loads. Non-corrrosive wells.TENARIS GRADES FOR PREMIUM PRODUCTSFor BlueRod products, three grade optionsare available to suit different serviceconditions: D BlueRod , KD BlueRod and AlphaRod CS.HolloRodTM Series products are manufacturedfrom seamless pipes with different steelgrades (low alloy carbon steels with specialaddition of chromium and molybdenum, ormicro alloy addition of niobium and boron)and dedicated heat treatment.

API Steel GradesTenaris supplies API sucker rods manufactured in standard steelgrades suiting varying load types and corrosion levels.GRADE CGRADE D ALLOYGRADE KGRADE KDGRADE D CARBONGRADE D SPECIALDesigned for wells with low and medium loads,non-corrosive or effectively inhibited.Manufactured in AISI 1530 Mod. steel(*).Designed for low and medium loads in corrosivewells where inhibition is recommended.Manufactured in AISI 4621 Mod. steel.Designed for non-corrosive or effectivelyinhibited wells with moderate loads.Manufactured in AISI 1530 Mod. steel(*).Designed for moderate to high loads innon-corrosive or effectively inhibited wells.Manufactured in AISI 4142 steel.Designed for corrosive wells where inhibitionis recommended, with moderate loads.Manufactured in AISI 4320 Mod. steel.Designed for moderate to high loads innon-corrosive or effectively inhibited wells.Manufactured in AISI 4330 Mod. steel.(*) Only under special request.Chemical Composition and Mechanical PropertiesCMnSPSiNiCrMoVNbAlCuHIGH STRENGTH STEEL GRADES BY TENARISAPI STEEL GRADESC1530MK4621MD CARBON1530MD ALLOY4142MKD4320MD 0.950.70-0.951.10-1.400.035 MAX0.035 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX0.015 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX0.035 MAX0.035 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX0.25-0.400.15-0.350.25-0.40