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IndexINTRODUCTION.51. GENERAL CRITERIA FOR SELECTING A GREASE.72. HIGH-PERFORMANCE LUBRICATING GREASESExtreme-pressure greases. 11Greases for high/low temperatures.13Water-resistant greases.14Greases for special applications.15Bio greases. 16Greases for centralised systems.17Food-grade greases. 18Multi-purpose greases.193. GREASE PERFORMANCE.214. PACKAGING. 22SALES OFFICES.23

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High-Performance Lubricating GreasesPage 5IntroductionWhen you choose Repsol Lubricants, you get so much more. Because in addition to a product of the highest quality, youalso get the Repsol guarantee: an integrated global energy company which carries out exploration, production, refining,distribution and marketing activities in more than 90 countries. It provides millions of people and companies all over theworld with the most efficient, responsible, and innovative, energy solutions.You also get the most innovative products. At Repsol, we have a cutting-edge Repsol Technology Lab that is at theforefront of R&D&I worldwide. There, our technicians and researchers are constantly striving to improve every product weoffer to ensure maximum efficiency, as well as enhanced technical and environmental quality.In order to guarantee excellent performance from your machinery, the Repsol team offers you the latest catalogue of highperformance lubricating greases. This full range meets the needs of the most diverse industrial sectors, as well as therequirements of equipment used in agriculture, mining, and other public works. We have also launched a new range suitablefor use in the food industry with NSF category H1 certification.This catalogue allows you to select everything from multi-purpose greases, which meet the lubrication needs of themajority of facilities, to special products that are able to work in extremely demanding load, temperature or environmentalcontamination conditions. Compliant with the most stringent quality standards, the exclusive formulation of our greasesprovides excellent performance in all types of machinery, increasing its service life and providing extra reliability. Thismakes the Repsol range of greases the best investment for your company.

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Page 7High-Performance Lubricating Greases1. General criteria for selecting a greaseA grease is a semi-fluid product which consists of dispersion of a thickening agent in a liquid lubricant,together with other ingredients that give the grease special properties (additives).The structure of the grease allows the lubricant to remain in a solid state until the shear stress between surfaces reaches acertain level, and the grease begins to flow and becomes a mobile compound.Lubricating greases may be selected on the basis of a number of different criteria.Some of these criteria are shown below:1. Industry segment2. Operating conditions1. INDUSTRY SEGMENTOff-Road/Mining ConstructionAgriculture/Public WorksGrasa Lítica EPGrasa Molibgras EPGrasa OGLGrasa HammerGrasa ComplexThermGrasa CálcicaGrasa Lítica MPGrasa Lítica EPGrasa EspecialEP 2/3Grasa Lítica Agr 00Bio Grasa CálcicaEP 2Paper IndustrySteel IndustryFood IndustryGrasa CalciumSulfonateGrasa LíticaComplejaIndustriaGrasa Lítica EPGrasa CalciumSulfonateGrasa LíticaCompleja IndustriaFG CalciumSulfonateFG AluminiumComplex2. OPERATING CONDITIONSVery hightemperaturesGrasa LíticaCompleja IndustriaGrasa LíticaComplejaAutomociónGrasa ComplexThermGrasa Complex SyntGrasa CalciumSulfonateFG AluminiumComplexFG CalciumSulfonateLow temperaturesGrasa Complex SyntGreases withmolybdenum disulphideLow speeds/High loadsGrasa Molibgras EPGrasa ComplexThermGrasa Lítica EPGrasa LíticaEspecial EP 2/3Grasa Molibgras EPGrasa ComplexThermFG AluminiumComplexWater resistantGrasa CálcicaGrasa CalciumSulfonateBio Grasa CálcicaEP 2FG CalciumSulfonate

High-Performance Lubricating GreasesPage 8To select the correct grease, the three components that it is comprised of must be taken into account: the lubricating baseoil, the thickener, and the additives.The most important properties to be considered when choosing the greases are as follows:ConsistencyBase oil viscosityEP and anti-wear additivesDropping pointResistance to high/low temperaturesResistance to environmental working conditionsCONSISTENCYThe consistency determines the thickness of the grease and is influenced by the type and percentage of the thickener used.It also provides the structure (like a sponge) that stores the lubricant base oil.The NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) grades show the penetration of a standard cone in a sample of grease undercertain conditions. A low value indicates a high level of penetration, while a high NLGI value will be obtained for a hardergrease.As general recommendations, we use consistency grades 1 and 2 for general lubrication, the lowest grades (0 and 00) forcentralised systems and gear lubrication, and the highest grades (3) for elements in high temperature conditions.

Page 9High-Performance Lubricating GreasesCONSISTENCY(NLGI grade)PENETRATION(60w, 25ºC) ASTMD-217 (0.1 mm)APPEARANCEAPPLICATIONS000445 to 475Very light, like a viscous oilGears00400 to 430Very light, like a viscous oilGears and centralised systems0355 to 385SoftBearings and centralised systems1310 to 340SoftBearings and centralised systems2265 to 295CreamyBearings3220 to 250Almost solidBearings4175 to 205HardPlain bearings. Briquettes5130 to 160Very hard, like soapPlain bearings. Briquettes685 to 115Very hard, like soapPlain bearings. BriquettesBASE OIL VISCOSITYThe selection of the base oil viscosity will depend on the load and speed conditions of the application, as well as the degreeof separation of the oil and pumpability of the grease.Greases formulated with high viscosity base oils offer advantages such as greater adhesion and water resistance, as well aslower oil separation, and are therefore well suited to applications with high loads.However, low viscosity base oils give the grease better heat transfer and enhanced performance at low temperatures andare therefore the best option for equipment with light loads and high speeds.ISO VG([email protected]ºC)APPLICATIONS100High speeds Electric motors150Wheel bearings220Paper industry Industrialapplications460Paper and steel industry1000Mining equipment1500High loads/vibrationsLOADSPEEDOILSEPARATIONPUMPABILITY

High-Performance Lubricating GreasesPage 10DROPPING POINTThe dropping point is defined as the temperature at which the grease changes from a semi-solid to a liquid state. It is aqualitative indication of the grease’s resistance to heat in those instances where a semi-solid lubricant is required.Complex soaps [lithium complex, aluminum complex, calcium complex sulfonate, etc.] have higher dropping points thantheir simple soap equivalents.RESISTANCE TO HIGH AND LOW TEMPERATURESThe maximum working temperature is determined both by the nature of the base oil and the thickener used.The base oil’s viscosity and the grease’s consistency are decisive in terms of their performance at low temperatures.DIN 51825 classifies greases according to their operating temperature range.AW AND EP PROPERTIESThe presence of an adequate layer of lubricating oil to prevent direct contact of the surfaces protected by the greaseis essential. For this purpose, it is necessary to select the right viscosity of the base oil, as well as special anti-wear andextreme-pressure additives.RESISTANCE TO ENVIRONMENTAL WORKINGCONDITIONSThe presence of humidity or extremely dirty environments has a huge influence on the nature of the grease to be used.Aspects such as anti-rust or anti-corrosion protection, water resistance, biodegradability, and equipment noise limitationrequirements are crucial when it comes to selecting the right grease.

Page 11High-Performance Lubricating Greases2. High-performance lubricating greasesEXTREME-PRESSURE GREASESLítica EPMulti-purpose grease for extreme pressure applications and maximum temperatures of 120ºC. Designed to meet general greasingrequirements in industrial applications: all types of bearings that support loads and vibrations (steel, rolling, mining, public workmachinery), couplings, chains, guideways, shear bearings, rolling mills (chocks, bearings, brackets, temperatureQuality levelGRASA LÍTICAEP 0Mineral Base(150 cSt)Simple lithium0185ºC-20ºC100ºCDIN 51502 GPOG-20US Steel 370 and 375GRASA LÍTICAEP 1Mineral Base(150 cSt)Simple lithium1190ºC-20ºC120ºCDIN 51825KP1K-20US Steel 370 and 375GRASA LÍTICAEP 2Mineral Base(150 cSt)Simple lithium2195ºC-20ºC120ºCDIN 51825KP2K-20US Steel 370 and 375GRASA LÍTICAEP 3Mineral Base(150 cSt)Simple lithium3200ºC-20ºC120ºCDIN 51825KP3K-20US Steel 370 and 375Lítica especial EP 2/3For general lubrication of agricultural machinery, public works, and automotive applications (rolling bearings, bolts, ball joints,bearings, etc.). The adherence and 2/3 intermediate consistency of the grease reduces running off during applications. Its extremepressure characteristics make it ideal to withstand heavy loads and rkingtemperatureQuality levelGRASA LÍTICAESPECIAL EP 2/3Mineral Base(100 cSt)Simple lithium2/3200ºC-20ºC120ºCDIN 51825KP 2/3K-20

Page 12High-Performance Lubricating GreasesMolibgras EP 2Lithic grease incorporates a special extreme pressure additive: molybdenum disulfide. These small particles provide extrasecurity for those points where there are greasing difficulties or extreme operating conditions. Recommended for lubricationof mechanisms exposed to very severe conditions involving sliding, extremely high loads, and long lubrication periods (plainbearings, hydraulic hammer bearings, fifth wheel, rolling mills, etc.).ProductBaseThickenerNLGIDropping pointWorkingtemperatureQuality levelGRASAMOLIBGRAS EP 2Mineral Base(150 cSt)Simple lithium2185ºC-20ºC120ºCDIN 51825KPF 2K-20Molibgras Especial EPGreases formulated from a lithium thickener complex, designed to satisfy the most extreme mining industry machinerequirements. A highly water resistant grease. Its various percentage charges of molybdenum disulfide along with the EP and AWadditives mean that this grease achieves excellent performance under the most severe conditions.% ickenerNLGIMOLIBGRASESPECIAL EP 1Mineral Base(680 cSt)Complexlithium15%MOLIBGRASESPECIAL EP 2Mineral Base(320 cSt)Complexlithium23%DroppingpointQuality level-10ºC150ºC 250ºCDIN 51502 KPF1P-10-10ºC150ºC 260ºCDIN 51502 KPF2N-10

Page 13High-Performance Lubricating GreasesGREASES FOR HIGH/LOW TEMPERATURESLítica Compleja AutomociónGrease for lubrication of bearings working at high temperatures (truck wheel hubs, electric brakes, railway wheel boxes, publicwork, and agricultural machinery). The working temperature range is very wide, and it can work at peaks of up to 200ºC.ProductBaseThickenerNLGIDropping pointWorkingtemperatureQuality levelGRASA LÍTICACOMPLEJAAUTOMOCIÓNMineral Base(130 cSt)Complexlithium3/2290ºC-20ºC140ºCDIN 51825KP 3/2N-20Caterpillar MPGLLítica Compleja IndustriaGrease for the lubrication of all types of mechanisms and bearings subjected to high temperatures and heavy loads (rollingbearings, presses, paper industry, etc.). Recommended for industrial machinery working continuosly up to 140ºC and it can workat peaks of up to 160ºC.ProductBaseThickenerGRASA LÍTICACOMPLEJAINDUSTRIAMineral Base(220 cSt)ComplexlithiumNLGI2Dropping pointWorkingtemperatureQuality level295ºC-20ºC140ºCDIN 51825KP2N-20US Steel 370and 375Complex SyntLubrication of electric motor and fan bearings at medium and medium-high speeds and high temperatures. The nature of thebase oil makes it very resistant to thermo-oxidative degradation and, therefore, it is suitable for lifetime lubrication. In addition, ithas an excellent low temperature pumpability and a low pour point, which makes it perform well in cold conditions.ProductBaseThickenerNLGIDropping pointWorkingtemperatureQuality levelGRASA COMPLEXSYNTPAO (85 cSt)Complexlithium2/3288ºC-50ºC150ºCDIN 51825KPEHC 2/3N-40Complex ThermDesigned for low speed under vibrating load, dust contamination, and high humidity conditions. Recommended for bearingsand bolts with slow and oscillating movements subjected to high loads and aggressive environments such as: machinery forpublic works and agriculture, mining, quarries, etc. It was specifically designed to lubricate the head bearing seal of tunnel boringmachines.ProductBaseThickenerNLGIDropping pointWorkingtemperatureQuality levelGRASACOMPLEXTHERMMineral Base(680 cSt)Complexlithium2260ºC-10ºC160ºCDIN 51825KPF 2P-10

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