STP 1064Carbonate Additionsto CementPaul Klieger and R. Douglas Hooton, editorsASTM1916 Race StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19103

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataCarbonate additions to cement / Paul Klieger and R. Douglas Hooton, editors.(STP; 1064)"ASTM publication code number (PCN) 04-010640-07"--T.p. verso."The Symposium on Carbonate Additions to Cement was held in Baltimore, Marylandon 29 June 1 9 8 8 . . . sponsored by ASTM Committee C-1 on Cement"--Foreword.Includes bibliographical references.ISBN 0-8031-1454-01. Cement--Additives--Congresses. 2. Carbonates--Congresses.I. Klieger, Paul. II. Hooton, R. Douglas, 1952III. American Society for Testingand Materials. Committee C-1 on Cement. IV. Symposium on Carbonate Additions toCement (1988: Baltimore, Md.) V. Series: ASTM special technical publication; 1064.TP884.A3C37 1990666'.94--dc2090-21CIPCopyright 9 by AMERICAN SOCIETYFOR TESTING AND MATERIALS 1 9 9 0NOTEThe Society is not responsible, as a body,for the statements and opinionsadvanced in this publication.Peer Review PolicyEach paper published in this volume was evaluated by three peer reviewers. The authorsaddressed all. of the reviewers' comments to the satisfaction of both the technical editor(s)and the ASTM Committee on Publications.The quality of the papers in this publication reflects not only the obvious efforts of theauthors and the technical editor(s), but also the work of these peer reviewers. The ASTMCommittee on Publications acknowledges with appreciation their dedication and contribution of time and effort on behalf of ASTM.Printed in Ann Arbor, MIApril 1990

ForewordThe symposium on Carbonate Additions to Cement was held in Baltimore, Maryland on29 June 1988. The symposium was sponsored by ASTM Committee C-1 on Cement. PaulKlieger, Northbrooke, Illinois and R. Douglas Hooton, University of Toronto, presided assymposium chairmen and are editors of this publication.

ContentsOverviewLimestone Additions to Portland CementmAn Old Controversy Revisited-L. L. MAYFIELD(Reprinted from Cement, Concrete, and Aggregates, Vol. 10, No. 1, Summer1988)Carboaluminate Reactions as Influenced by Limestone Additions-KEVIN INGRAM, MATT POSLUSNY, KEN DAUGHERTY, AND WALT ROWEDiscussion1422The Influence of Limestone Additions on the Rheological Properties and WaterRetention Value of Portland Cement Siurries--CLAUDIO S. NETOAND24VICENTE C. CAMPITELIThe Influence of Limestone Additions on Optimum Sulfur Trioxide Content inPortland Cements--VICENTE C. CAMPITELI AND MARIA C. FLORINDO30Effect of Limestone Additions Upon Drying Shrinkage of Portland CementMortar--LAWRENCED. ADAMS AND RONALD M. RACEThe Effect of Steam Curing on High-Early Strength Portland Cement ContainingCarbonate A d d i t i o n - - C L A U D E BEDARD AND MARC BERGERON4151An Investigation of the Formation of Carboaluminates--wgLOEMAR A. KLEMMANDLAWRENCE D. ADAMSEffects of Carbonate Additions on Heat of Hydration and Sulfate Resistance ofPortland Cements--R. DOUGLASHOOTON6073